Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful that I met my good girl for the first time last weekend and I still can't describe how nice it was to cuddle with her, touch her, rub her, fondle her, suck her, lick her and, yes, spank her with my riding crop, put pins on her and tie her. And even shower with her. And so nice to have her touch and cuddle and rub and suck and lick me. We are both so lucky and thankful that we met each other.

The only downer about this Thanksgiving is that we are long distance again and only could spend time on the phone although we both were able to spend times with friends who invited us to their homes for good times and food.

But we still had fun on Thanksgiving night as I had her rub her boobs and put the Hitachi vibe on her clit and heard her say, "Please don't stop, sir.'' I love it when she wants more. And soon I heard those moans of pleasure and those lovely words, "I came for you, Sir.''

And then I thought we would cap the night by having her use her dildo. Alas, she couldn't find it. She apparently misplaced it when she unpacked her suitcase. We had a good laugh over that as I put her to bed. We even enjoy laughing together. But now she has a project over the long weekend. Find the dildo!!!  Have to unravel the Case of the Missing Dildo.

Yes, it was a memorable Thanksgiving even though we're in a LDR again.



  1. I love hearing you so happy! You must have had a really fantastic weekend.
    I hope the mystery is soon solved - or that you can go help her look!


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  2. Mystery solved, Sir. It must have fallen off the bed and rolled underneath. I found it while putting together the new bed today. This one:

  3. So good to hear you solved the mystery and found it my good girl. And good to hear you have a new bed that has so many possibilities. It can be put to so many good uses.