Monday, November 26, 2012

War Sex

A female West Point graduate wrote an interesting article in the Washington Post in the aftermath of the Petraeus scandal about sex in the military. She also has a blog called War Virgin that you can click on to read about how her father told her she would lose her sparkle in her eye if she had sex. So she had orgasms dry humping her boyfriend.

Then she goes to West Point where sex isn't allowed in the barracks. And so she's still a virgin at 24 when she goes to Iraq.

"I had no idea that a combat zone with be such a sexually charged environment. Blame it on amped up testosterone pouring out of aggressive, athletic men. Or blame it on combat stripping even the strongest men and women down to their core, raw emotions. Combine this with forming special bonds with comrades who promise to do whatever it takes to ensure you safe return home, including sacrificing their lives for yours. What do you think happens?

"Let me tell you, covert combat sex (or in my case, hard-core making out, because I was too scared to go "All-in'') ranks high on the list of life's thrills. I'm a comfortable civilian now, and I know it's impossible to inject that intense passion back into my life. But I reflect on it every day. There's nothing that compares to making love at war.''

We often hear about sexual harassment in the military. But not so much about how exciting consensual sex can be in a combat zone.

Here's the link to the story and you can also click on to her blog. She also does a comedy show. I wonder if she will be on HBO soon.



  1. I have never understood what business the military has peeking in peoples bedrooms. Men getting court marshaled for cheating on their wives? This is a personal matter.

  2. There are rules about it in upper-level government positions, especially those that have access to security information. Adultery could be used to blackmail them to give away state secrets.

  3. She was writing about West Point cadets and military personnel on deployment.