Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sex Survey

Can you believe the state of Florida sent out a sex survey to young women? And the state is run by Republicans, who supposedly believe in small, limited government except when it comes to the bedroom.

Here's a link to the story:

Sex surveys can actually give good insight when they are conducted by professionals like Kinsey but but don't think it is a role for the state.



  1. As you say, not by the state! I'm really amazed so much money was spent on this.

  2. Ok, seriously, I avoid the subject of politics on my blog because most readers are likely Liberals, and I am totally not. I used to be, back when I thought Liberal meant wanting freedom, but it actually means wanting freedom for the government. And of late, Liberals are in favor of giving the government control over every aspect of our lives, including sex, which so far had been the one and only thing Liberals seemed not to want the government to control. But if you want the government (actually tax payers) paying for your sex life and all its consequences, you can be darn sure the government will then take control of it.

    Right now a person can buy birth control any time he or she wants, without the government having any clue. Soon it will be impossible to buy it without using forced-to-buy medical insurance. That certainly doesn't make getting it easier, and it guarantees government-involvement in your sex life.

    I'm for small limited government in all ways, except the ones where they are supposed to be involved, such as defending the country.

    I don't want them telling me what kind of light bulbs I can buy, whether I can throw them out in the trash, what kind of fats I'm allowed to eat, how big of a soda I'm allowed to drink, what kind of grocery bags I'm allowed to use, and last but certainly not least, I don't want them forcing me to buy things of any kind, particularly right now, medical insurance, that will cause me to be unable to pay my rent, since I literally earn only enough for rent and electricity.

    But those who do want the government running the medical industry, and particular, paying for birth control and abortions, will have to deal with pesky side-effects, like yes, they will know every gruesome detail of your privacy. This is why I don't want them involved in my life whatsofreakingever.

    At least they're not forcing people to answer that survey yet. But eventually it will become mandatory, just like everything else.

    And when they come to get me for not spending my rent money on medical insurance, or not answering their sex survey, or for eating trans fats, or for owning regular light bulbs, or for attempting to pay for my own birth control heaven forbid with my own money and not their forced-to-buy medical insurance, they will have to do it over my perfectly healthy, have only needed to see a doctor once in the last 35 years, dead body.

    1. You are so fortunate that you have only needed to see a doctor once in the last 35 years, but yearly checkups and mammograms can catch things early.

      I won't debate your points but it is actually the Republicans who show more interest in passing laws to control women's bodies and regulate abortions. And I think there is supposed to be a subsidy for people who can't afford health insurance.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your views.


  3. I get the feeling that those questions are way too intrusive to start with. And participants not knowing who's asking and why? If you want enough and honest responses this certainly is the way to get them.
    The fact that under 18's have been sent that questionnaire is minor compared to that, even though it's a big mistake.