Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The latest Eve

By now, you've all read about Gen. Petraeus and his mistress but I wanted to link to one interesting column about how the woman gets blamed for seducing the great man. It's a theme that dates back to Eve and the apple. Interesting that whoever dreamed up the Adam and Eve story made the woman the seducer.

Granted, the woman in this story was so obsessed with the general that she sent out threatening emails to another woman. But the general didn't have to fall for her fawning attention.

Anyway, here's the link:


Since the majority of my readers tend to be women, I will be interested in hearing your take on this.

And speaking of Adam and Eve, it reminds me of the story of the kid who was supposed to draw a biblical story and had a person in a car driving with a couple in the back seat. The kid said it was God driving Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.



  1. That is an interesting article. I must admit that I am not aware of any news coverage I have seen that has painted the woman/women as sirens or alluring, and how he fell into their web of passion. What I have read has been rather straight forward and seemed to focus on the vulnerability of his security clearance and ability to do his job at the CIA without compromising his leadership role.

    I think it would be equally interesting to see the take on this story had Petraeus not been selected by Obama to head the CIA. Petraeus had been greatly vilified by the media and the Democrats as one of Bush's Boys; when selected by Obama to head the CIA, the same group had to do an 'about face' on their position on him.

    The allure of sex... we all have our weaknesses, don't we? ;oD


  2. We always get the blame because the big strong men can't control themselves so they are always trying to control us. And they say we are the weaker sex.

  3. I also believe that women are harder on women. We feel the betrayal so deeply when 'one of us' betrays the other.

  4. Sadly, women find it way too easy to explain away why a man cheats. Because women explain it away, men accept it and then it becomes more widely accepted all the way around. Women, I am sorry to say suck when it comes to other women. Even the most confident, sexy, outgoing woman can become a jealous, crazy, twit when it comes to 'their' man and other women. Its easier to blame the other woman because she is a 'slut' or a 'tramp' or a 'homewrecker'. Simply because the woman the man is married to cannot accept the fact she has been duped. Its crushing to realize your man has gone elsewhere because something is lacking in the relationship, or maybe just because he is a douche canoe. She has given herself to him, and wants to believe that she is enough. Having her man go elsewhere makes her question whether or not she is. I mean, there are ALL kinds of reasons people cheat. They are insecure, there is something lacking in their committed relationships, they're miserable, they simply have terrible impulse control.... This goes both ways. Lots of women cheat, and for the same reasons... It's just easier to 'blame' the other man/woman because if we don't then we have to accept the fact that we have to take a good long look at ourselves and our relationship. It may or may not have anything to do with the spouse, but having it be a possibility is scary enough that people try and escape it by placing blame on the 'other' person. I have had to say this more often than I like to acknowledge but my advice to a friend who HAS been cheated on is always 'The 'other person' owes you NOTHING, your spouse owes you everything, there's no point in being mad at the other. Your issue needs to be with your spouse.'

  5. As a woman I’m sadly used to this scenario. Women are screwed to put it bluntly. We are expected to be the virtuous sex and yet at the same time we are seen as the evil seducers. We aren’t supposed to enjoy sex or look for it or otherwise have sex like a man.

    Yet our society is in a state of hypersexuality and sex is everywhere you look and women are sexualized and yet still somehow supposed to be virtuous and still considered evil whorish seducer bitches at every turn. I think for the most part people turn a blind eye to this as humans are so designed for fuzzy thinking.

    Of course he was just as culpable as her. In fact, in some ways he was more so, as she wasn’t the one with a commitment. She was free to have sex with whomever she chose. He on the other hand had made a promise to someone not to.