Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Explaining joys of spankings

The lovely PK had an interesting discussion of spankings I thought I'd share although many of you probably read it already.

She wrote, "Even spankos aren't always crazy about the spanking while it's happening. The anticipation and the aftermath are the best parts. It's like dieting -- It's not enjoyable when you're doing it, but the results are great.''

Here's the link:


Is that the way most spankos feel that the anticipation and aftermath are the best parts or do you like the actual spanking better?

I will be interested in your comments.



  1. I like the spanking itself, even when it's painful IF I feel I deserve it. If I don't agree, then it's really terrible.

  2. Gosh it really depends on mood on how it makes me feel, is it for mutual pleasure, just his, punishment etc, i do know that afterwards in any form of c/p or s/m its worth it even if i didnt perhaps think so at the time.


  3. If it's just the slight sting that allows me to actually lay there and relax into an almost meditative state, I love the actual spanking. If it just hurts, though, it's really the after effects that I love most.



  4. I have to say I enjoy all of it, but I do appreciate the aftermath the most- whether I drift happily off to sleep, snuggle up with my husband or feel energized by the warm glow on my bottom- it's all good.

  5. I love all parts...with the exception being for punishment...then just the after.

  6. It does depend on the type and intensity of the spanking. Some I enjoy, some I don't. I don't enjoy punishment spankings at all but lighter playful or erotic spankings, definitely! The aftermath is the best part of it.


  7. Since every spanking I receive is only for fun and pleasure, I love the whole thing. A spanking isn't always followed up with anything, but when it is I love that too. Often a spanking is a spontaneous stolen moment in the kitchen, out of sight and hearing from the toddlers. That might be my favorite part, the secret moment of connecting in a fun and playful way amidst the craziness of life with two youngsters.

  8. I can't say that I enjoy the anticipation. I know that I want it and need it, but when I know it's coming-- not good! It's the aftermath that I do love.

  9. This has been interesting to read. We're all alike and we're all different. I'm just happy that we are all getting joy from TTWD.


  10. What fun to read this. I have to agree.. I love the anticipation and the aftermath. But there are times when I need the struggle and pain and struggle I find during the spanking. Every time is different.
    I do know I'd like more spankings.. but then I'm greedy. Sir knows that.. and is a generous man.
    I'm very lucky~!