Friday, February 1, 2013

Spanking Survey

I thought it would be interesting to have all the spankos give their thoughts on what they like when they are spanked:

What is your favorite implement? Least favorite? Do you get maintenance spankings, spankings as foreplay or punishment spankings?

Do you like spankings that just sting and leave your butt pink or do you like them so hard that it is bright red and you can't sit down? Or something in between?

How often are you spanked? Do you wish you got more spankings?

Do you ever ask for one? And how many days can you go without before you feel the need for one?

I hope you will share your thoughts.



  1. Favorite implement: dogging bat or belt (when I’m in the mood)
    Least favorite: cane
    Reason: usually foreplay

    Pink or red: When I can get my mind in the game I like bright red and can’t sit down. I love that as the results, not necessarily getting there.

    How often: Not much right now, usually three or four times a month.
    Do I want more: Don’t know right now.

    Do I ask? Rarely
    How long can I go: When my mind is into it, four or five days. But if I get past that and totally get out of the mood, well I guess I could go forever without.

  2. We both like paddles, both leather and wood,.
    Our spankings are always foreplay.
    We like the sting. Colors from pink to almost red.
    We like our spankings once or twice a week.
    And yes, we can ask for a spanking.
    Much longer than a week and we start feeling a little needy,

  3. OK, FD, I'll give it a try.

    Favorite implement: leather OTK-style paddle

    Least favorite implement: Heavy wooden paddle

    Types of spankings received: Many types, but difficult to categorize because we don't assign them labels. The short version is whatever he decides I need.

    Sting versus not sitting: If I get to choose, and I generally don't, I'll take something in between.

    Frequency: Once a week almost for certain. Beyond that, it's catch as catch can.

    Wish for more: Occasionally.

    Asking: Yes, I have.

    How long can I go: The world may never know...

  4. Favorite implement: His Hand, I imagine I would like the feel of leather, too.

    Least favorite implement: Don't know but the idea of a cane scares me.

    Types of spankings received: Usually foreplay, and an occasional playful swat when passing...

    Sting versus not sitting (pink vs red): Usually like pink (I am a wimp) but sometimes fades too fast and long to feel it still the next depends on the day and probably falls somewhere in the middle...

    Frequency: Not often enough. A few times a month

    Wish for more: Yes

    Asking: Yes, I have. Long to receive it without the asking

    How long can I go: I can go for a long time without but then I tend to live in my head and fantasize about it to fulfill that need

  5. What is your favorite implement? His Hand. I like the skin to skin contact and the closeness.

    Least favorite? Rubber ruler (yuck)

    Do you get maintenance spankings, spankings as foreplay or punishment spankings?
    All of the above at some point or other.

    Do you like spankings that just sting and leave your butt pink or do you like them so hard that it is bright red and you can't sit down? Or something in between?
    - I think this depends on where my head is. I may NEED one that lingers for quite some time afterwards, but at times, I have to count on him reading me for how far it will go.
    For play I mostly like just a bit of pink and then onto other activities :)

    How often are you spanked? - Sometimes daily!

    Do you wish you got more spankings? Hummm.. maybe I wish I had more erotic ones

    Do you ever ask for one? - I have not yet....

    And how many days can you go without before you feel the need for one? Maybe about 3 days... then I tend to get frazzled in my mind and need a big of cloud clearing.

    Good Post FD! I like reading everyone's comments as well.

  6. Favourite implement: cane

    Least favourite: dressage whip

    Get spank for pleasure (mutual or just his) and as punishment

    I like severe, so sitting down is uncomfortable, i like to be marked

    Varys really, can be a few times a week to few times a month, sometimes i would like more, but overall im happy with what i do get

    Yes i will ask if im feeling needy, i cant say how long i can go before i feel the need, generally its if im feeling i need release because im stressed or just horny lol

    It is interesting this, reading others comments


  7. favorite implement: large flogger

    Least favorite: large paddle ball paddle

    get spanked for pleassure ( mutual), punishment, maintenance and just because!

    Depends, sometimes I need hard and lasting, but not always.

    Usually twice a week.

    Asking...not yet, trying to get there.

    Usually around 3...I know I am spanked spoiled.

    good idea FD!

  8. My favorite implement is the flogger
    Spanked for pleasure/foreplay, stress release and rarely punishment
    I like a red bottom and the warm glow it leaves- wish it would last longer
    Once or twice a week
    Haven't asked since I "came out"
    A week or so, but I don't like to have to wait that long

  9. Favorite implement: flogger

    Least favorite: not sure if I have one, yet. there are some implements we have not tried yet, but hope to acquire soon.

    Do you get maintenance spankings: yes
    Spankings as foreplay: yes
    Punishment spankings: yes

    Pink or bright red and you can't sit down: here I would have to say something in between. I like the burn of it to linger for a time.

    How often are you spanked: not often enough
    Do you wish you got more spankings: yes

    Do you ever ask for one: yes
    How many days before needing one: sometimes my mood is such that I wish I had one everyday.

    Thank you for this opportunity to see how others comment on this subject. It's been fun to read the responses.

  10. FD:
    What is your favorite implement? Leather paddle from Leatherthorn

    Least favorite? Heart attack from caneiac

    Do you get maintenance spankings, spankings as foreplay or punishment spankings? ALL THE ABOVE

    Do you like spankings that just sting and leave your butt pink or do you like them so hard that it is bright red and you can't sit down? Or something in between? Since I can't "see" back there, it doesn't matter to me what it looks like; I just want to FEEL it later, esp if I'm going to be away from him for a couple of days!

    How often are you spanked? Usually 2x week

    Do you wish you got more spankings? I do if they aren't hard enough, but intense spankings keep me from wanting them

    Do you ever ask for one? We have a code and I will call, text or whipser the code in his ear; can't bring myself to use the word s*******

    And how many days can you go without before you feel the need for one? About 3

    Intersting questions! Can't wait to see the results from everyone else!


  11. My favorites are his hand or the flogger. I absolutely hate the cane (but I noticed he brought it back out recently and discreetly hid it in the high window sill where our daughter can't see or reach). Lately he has been using a belt. It's a braided suede one that really stings. He's mainly been using that one for punishment, though. He likes it because he can cause intense pain that hardly leaves a mark, which means he can go for longer.

    I like being spanked (and he likes to spank me) often, so he likes to only make me a bit red with some nice welts that will disappear after a day. When we're both well, the spanking usually happens every night. It's how he prefers to end my day and send me off to bed. I have to admit it really helps me sleep really well too.

    Being spanked for punishment is totally different from a fun spanking, though. With fun ones (which happen most often) he warms me up and takes me right into subspace. It's a form of foreplay most nights. Punishment spankings start off hard, are very very painful, not fun at all and there is no subspace escape. He might use me afterward, but it's usually with me in a very uncomfortable position and purely for his enjoyment.

    Yes, I have asked for them. Mostly for the fun ones, but I've also asked to be punished when I've done something wrong and the guilt is weighing me down. I don't like asking, though. I usually end up waiting until I can't take it anymore. :)



  12. answered on my blog :-)

  13. Favorite implements;Crop,flogger,His Belt

    Least Favorite;Son of Buster Paddle,Cane...i do like both but cannot take much unfortunately.

    Type of spanking;Pleasure/Foreplay...i wouldn't mind maintainence spankings but have not had one yet.And He has never spanked me as a punishment..its always been pleasure from His use of me.

    Stingy vs hard....whatever He thinks i need or He needs to give me...most always mixed.

    Frequency;usually once a week

    Do i want more; Absolutely!!

    Have i asked for a spanking;No,but i have asked for certain implements to be used ie;the flogger or His belt...i have also told Him how much i love sucking Him while He spanks me with the crop.

    How long can i go without a spanking;within a few days after His use i am thinking of nothing else....just craving the next session with Him....sometimes/pretty often i physically ache for Him.

  14. I love being made to strip naked spanked otk with a paddle or hairbrush. the humiliation of being nude and at the mercy of my disciplinarian makes me embarrassed yet excited. Often I am spanked in front of some one or outdoors with that threat that a passerby may see