Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Memories

I'm spending another wonderful weekend with my good girl as we continue to make sweet memories.

When I arrived Friday, she said she had a surprise. She had baked a chocolate pie. She knew that's one of my favorites but she was intimidated to try it befoe because she felt it wouldn't be as good as my mother's. Of course, it was delicious. She's a wonderful cook and loves to make my favorite dishes.

On Saturday, we had a day to remember. I don't think we got out of bed until after noon. It was too late for breakfast so she made a wonderful lunch featuring shrimp. Around 2:30, we decided it was a good time for a nap, slept a couple of hours and had some nice play time and finally got dressed to go out for dinner at 8. We came home and watched some episodes of Downton Abbey. It's a period piece set in England before and during WWI. Captures the upper crust English life of those days. We were so slept out that we stayed up until about 1:30 a.m.

Sunday, we went for the beach even though it was too windy for perfect beach weather. But she again collected a seashell. She likes to save a seashell for each time we walk on the beach.

And, I should mention one of the new toys I brought with me -- a vibrating egg. Have any of you ever tried it? What surprised me is that after I slipped it in and turned it on, I didn't hear anything and thought it wasn't working even though I put in new batteries. I kept clicking it off and on and she said, "It's working.'' Being inside her muffled all the noise but she said she liked the sensation. The combination of the egg and the vibe on her clit produced such a delcious reaction. And, of course, I found time for some good spankings. She loves being a submissive.

The only bad thing is that I have to leave on Monday. The time just seems to fly by. But we are left with such warm, sweet memories to cherish.



  1. I'm so happy that you two are enjoying your time together so much!


  2. I also like the egg, but Master doesn't put it inside, because I'm more sensitive outside, and I was also (even more) surprised that there is no voice outside. But the playing with that is... I would say exiting :)

    Good for you, to enjoy the time so strong. I'm happy for you :)

  3. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable time together. It sounds wonderful


  4. Sounds like your going to be bringing back awhile bunch of memories. I agree when your having fun it always ends to soon.


  5. Aw sounds like youre really making the most of the time. Thats great. Her collecting the seashells is so cute. :)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Happy for both of you.

    Never tried a vibrating egg.


  7. Hmmm, I've always wondered about the vibrating egg. Maybe she can give a review? Just a thought. Glad you two have enjoyed a wonderful time together.

  8. so happy you both are having a wonderful time and will have happy memories to cherish...smiles...must try that vibrating egg, have heard of them but never tried them...smiles

    safe journey home
    blossom x

  9. I'm so glad everything is going well with your visit :) How sweet that she collects seashells for every time you visit, maybe soon she will be able to populate her own little beach.

  10. Glad you both enjoyed yourselfs

  11. so glad you had such a wonderful time together. I love the sentimental gesture of saving a seashell.