Sunday, March 16, 2014

How often do women have orgasms during hookup sex?

We  read about how young people like hookup sex with no strings attached.

But a survey of over 13,000 college women shows it may not be  that great for women. Only 32 per cent had orgasms on the first hookup. By the sixth time, it jumps to 51 per cent. But if a woman has slept with a guy six times, it may be getting closer to a relationship.

And if a woman didn't want a relationship with a guy, only 37 per cent had orgasms. If they were interested in a relationship with him, it jumped to 45 per cent.

Also, 18 per cent said it help to have an orgasm if they rubbed themselves besides having sex. Only 9 per cent said if helped if the guy rubbed them, which seems to show, not surprising, that women know their bodies better than men do. And 15 per cent said it helped to have anal sex as well as vaginal sex.

Here's the story on the survey, which indicates women have more orgasms in committed relationships than during hookups.

Will be interested in your thoughts about hookup sex.

Also since this is March, if you have any questions, I will be happy to try to answer.



  1. Well being married and all, I don't do hookup sex, and only have done it once in my life. And weirdly enough, that was the first time I had an orgasm with a guy at all. Thinking back to it, I think it was the excitement and feeling like I can let go more, never seeing him again anyway...

  2. Interesting that you had an orgasm the only time you had hookup sex and you had it with a guy you were never going to see again. You would have been in the minority in the survey. But I can see you being exciting and feeling you could let go more. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This girl is too vanilla to be able to comment on a post about hook ups.. I wish I was a little less vanilla sometimes but.. those are interesting statistics.

  4. I definitely cum more and more intensely when I am with someone I care up. Even a sissy. :)