Saturday, March 22, 2014

Senior sex

One of my tennis buddies in his 70s likes to meet women on the senior site Our Time and has had some interesting experiences.

A couple of weeks ago he was dating a woman in her sixties who was divorced after being married 41 years. She loved him playing with her clit. She'd moan, "right there, right there, right there.'' She said it had never felt so good and asked how he had learned to do that. Which made him wonder if her husband had never played with her clit. He figured they were in a relationship and then a few days later she said they weren't a good match. It was over. He was stunned. Guess the good sex wasn't enough for her.  He did say he told her he didn't like her hair style because of her ringlets but that shouldn't be a deal breaker. Would love to hear her version of the story.

Now he's dating a 60 year old divorced woman who is good looking and sexy but he can't get to first base. She won't invite him to her place after dates because she lives with her daughter and grandchild and she has turned down his offers to go to his place. They've got another date tonight and he will see if anything changes. He likes her and will keep going out with her but he even wonders if he is a "filler,'' which he said means maybe she has a boyfriend and he just fills in when he's busy.

Just goes to show that no matter what the age, the relationship between the sexes remains a puzzle.



  1. A puzzle is a very good way to describe it... And it sure is tough to find the right piece to fit perfectly. :)

  2. I think it's great he is in his 70's still talking about getting to first base. :) Dating is such hard work but I guess so is a relationship...