Thursday, March 20, 2014

Play time

My good girl has been under the weather for over a week. Lots of coughing, scratchy throat, the whole nine yards. So our play time has been limited, which was especially frustrating since the niece who lives with her while she goes to college had gone home for spring break for a week. All those wasted days.

So last Saturday night, the coughing has subsided a bit and I asked her if she was ready to play. I had her put pins on her nipples and spank her pussy with a ruler, then take the pins off her nipples and put the vibe on her clit. Bingo, she came almost immediately. Then I had her to it again and another cum. And a third time until she said she was getting sore. She hadn't been feeling very horny because she hadn't been feeling well but I guess her body showed how much she missed the play time.

Since her niece was returning Sunday afternoon, we had another session around noon Sunday. This time, I went slower. Started with the pins on nipples and the pussy spanking. Then I had her take the pins off and spank her boobs and nipples. Then I had her rub her clit and g spot. That got her nice and wet and I had her taste her juices and then put some on  her boobs and pussy so the smell of her sex was in the air. Finally, I had her put the vibe on her clit and she came twice before she felt she was trembling. So I had her put on what I call her cuddling shawl and after spending some time with her for aftercare, I put her back to bed for a nap.

It is frustrating that our play time has been limited lately, especially since we are in an LDR but it was so nice to make up for lost time and to fantasize about how much we will enjoy her next visit.



  1. WOW..that is some long distance playtime! I bet it helped her to feel better also....
    hugs abby

  2. So nice that you still manage to enjoy each other despite the distance... I know it must make you feel closer. I hope she is feeling better !

  3. just an fyi for your girl, Sir. I too had the scratchy throat and cough. Was on meds, but let the cough linger for 5 weeks (I know in retrospect that it was stupid...) and wound up with a serious bronchial infection. Thankfully it's responding to a new medication, but it has been a rough few weeks..

    be well, Sir, and your girl as well.