Thursday, June 30, 2016

Doctors say shaving your pubic hair is not a good idea

I know many of you shave, some because you are told to and others because they feel it's good hygine and makes them feel clean down there.
Well, here's a New York Times article say doctors think that shaving actually causes more infections and is bad for hygiene.
I don't believe in women shaving because I think hair down there is sexy and a sign of a sexually mature woman so my good girl doesn't shave.
Will be interested in hearing what you think about shaving.


  1. I posted on this article too. I for one appreciate Mistress's clean shaven folds. But to each their own!

  2. I love my wife's pussy being shaved. I think I'm conditioned that when she tells me that she's freshly shaved, I am compelled to get between her thighs to inspect her handiwork a little more closely.

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  5. i don't shave per se, but do a semi permanent laser hair removal. more for medical reasons than anything, i was advised by my physician that removing my pubic hair might help in my case.