Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Seventh Anniversary

It was seven years ago last night that I started this blog with my first post and I want to thank all my followers and those who are kind enough to comment who have given me the motivation to keep it going.
I've told the story in the past how I happened to start blogging but since there are many newcomers to our little world, I will repeat it. I started off as a lurker until I was convinced to sign up by Bonnie's Love our Lurkers Day. Once I started commenting, I started to meet people and one thing led to another and I wrote some stories for PK until she convinced me to start my own blog to publish my stories.
I never dreamed when I started that I would post over 800 times and have over 400 followers. Then as now, many of the bloggers are women I didn't know if they would relate to my comments. But I figured I had nothing to lose. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the stories going but blog about all sorts of stuff and it seems to have found an audience.
It would not be an understatement to say that blogging has changed my life. I have become friends with many bloggers and met three of them although one has stopped blogging. It is always sad to see some of the bloggers leave our community -- and more than one has died -- but times change. And it's great that some of the bloggers who were here when I started like PK and Ronnie are still here.
And, of course, blogging led to me to meet the love of my life, my good girl five years ago. We are still in an LDR but cherish the time we spend together. We have had such good times together. It is always wonderful to love and be loved.
And the blogging community has changed or maybe I find more blogs. Back in day, the bloggers were mostly women who were spankos. And many of them had waited years before they admitted to themselves that they were spankos. Now we have young women who embrace their love of being a spanko when they are barely out of thei teens and I welcome them to our little world.
And BDSM seems to becoming more mainstream. Shades of Grey was terrible but it did introduce more women to the lifestyle. And there was a movie The Submission of Emma Marx along with a sequel about the lifestyle. They were originally made as porn movies but there are soft core versions that are shown on cable. And Showtime just finished a series called Submission. They all have their faults but at least they show submission. If you remember the movie 8 1-2 weeks and hadn't read the novel, you wouldn't have known it was about submission.
And in the beginning, the blogs were more about women submitting to men. Now we have a of of Femdom blogs with men submitting to women and being locked in cock cages by the women in their lives. The interesting thing is that the men tend to write more of these blogs. The fact you can buy these cages shows there is a market for them. There are also female chastity belts but not many blog about them. I prefer toys like the magic wand. 
Although I don't blog as often as I once did and don't comment on other blogs as much as I once did, I hope to continue writing and hope that you will continue reading and commenting.
And cheers to our lifestyle and that we have found like minded people who share our kinks and continue to be part of our community.


  1. Happy Blogaversary FD. I don't always comment but I stop by often.

  2. Happy Blogiversary FD. So happy you took the plunge to blog and even happier that you met your good girl.

    Love and hugs to you both.

  3. So happy for you. You are one who can definitely say blogging changed your life. And I love that you're here and you're happy.

  4. Thank you for continuing to blog.

  5. Happy blogiversary, FD! I am glad that you found my blog. Otherwise, I wouldn't have discovered how wonderful your blog is. Here's to more blogging years to come!

  6. Happy Blogiversary FD! So glad you decided to start blogging. I always enjoy visiting here :)


  7. Happy Blogiversary and i am so glad you found your other half out here in Blogland, very nice
    love Jan, xx