Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Making Sex Wonderful

There were many interesting comments on my last post about the Nanny rating her lover. One of them was Poppy's comment that it's a "silly idea'' to think that "men are responsible for making sex wonderful rather than it being a joint venture.''

I thought I'd throw that out there for discussion.

I know that some men get bashed for being oafish slam bam, thank you mam lovers who don't put enough time and interest in satisfying their partner and just think about themselves. Or do most women find their lovers are considerate and want it to be a joint venture? Or are there some days when women aren't turned on regardless of what their lovers do?

My experience is that my wife warms up quickly or not at all just depending on her mood.

Your thoughts ?



  1. As Omega's slave, it kinda runs the gambit. Sometimes it is just for "him" like when he's had a bad day or something and just wants a frustration release--the wham bam.

    There are times it's tender and can could go for hours and makes me cry (happy tears). Sometimes its intense like during a scene. However I will not be lying if I said I'm always in the mood anytime he wants it. There are times I just submit and go through the motions, and he knows it and always thanks me afterward. Now that I'm thinking about it, sometimes I want quickies too.

    The best part of being with Omega and I'm not ashamed to admit it, is after because he always holds me close and makes me feel, even if it's not that great, loved and I know he cares for me.

    Sometimes I want it all. LMAO.


  2. Mouse: You're fortunate to have a man who always holds you close and makes you feel loved. It sounds like you have it all.


  3. Sex between 2 people who are not very intimate and between people who are life partners is very different, don't you think? Why one would even want sex without intimacy is beyond me, but between committed partners of course it is a joint venture! Everything is, and to my mind, deeper and simply better. There is a power and real love connection that casual sex cannot touch. And, what Mouse said! :)

  4. I loved the comment by mouse.
    P is very considerate and yes it's a join venture but there's nothing wrong with quickies and yes I admit I love quickies.


  5. I love having sex with my husband. It has always been a joint venture and he always makes sure to satisfy me even in the "quickies." He has an amazing imagination, and sex is never boring. My motto is; anytime and any place. :)


  6. It would be nice for sex to always be with someone you have a deep emotional connection with but that is simply not always possible. So, I would say it runs the gamut. At my age most men I date have long track records with one woman. Many of their ideas are tied to what she did or did nto like with their own experimental fantasies sprinkled in if they are brave. A lot of men withing ttwd seem to like to be serviced. Vanilla men seem more involved in the process and are more participatory. CD

  7. I agree - I think that sex is a joint venture, however there are quite a few times when either Mr M or myself want sex at a particular moment and the other wasn't really considering it.

    Although, I think men find it much easier to immediately 'turn themselves on' compared to women.
    If I want sex Mr M is absolutely ready lol, when he wants sex and I'm busy however that is different - it takes some encouragement from him to get me in the mood.

    But in regards to that nannies comment, sex is what you make of it. Like that famous line goes 'It's not how big it is that matters, it's how you use it' and in my opinion it takes both parties to make it mind blowing!

    Mrs M

  8. Spirted: Yes, Mouse's comment was very good. I think we all can relate to it.

    Sara: No doubt a love connection trumps casual sex.

    Ronnie: Yes, quickies can be very good.

    Original: I bet your husband loves your any time any place feeling.

    Cultivated: Very interesting comment about dating men who have a long history with one woman. I can imagine it's difficult for them to break old habits. I also found your comment interesting that vanilla men are more involved in the process. I might do a blog on that subject.

    Mrs. M: Yes, it does take both parties to make it mind blowing. If one partner isn't into it, it's not the same. And yes, I agree that men find it easier to turn themselves on.

    And thanks for all the comments. You all provided a lot of insight.


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