Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Date from Hell

Saw a blurb in the paper the other day about a woman meeting a 23-year-old guy at a casino near Detroit. They go out on a date a week later even though she only knows his first name, which is false. Near the end of the dinner, he says he left his wallet in her car and asks for her keys. He speeds off in her 2000 Impala (imagine stealing a 2000 car) and stiffs her with the restaurant bill.

Since he had sent a photo to the woman's cell phone with his phone number, the police had no problem arresting him.

Can you imagine a worse date? I wonder if any of our readers have any dates from Hell stories they want to share.

I never had a date like this. I'd just get frustrated when I thought the date went well and she didn't want to go on a second date.


  1. The only one I can think of was in high school. I had just been paid and had quite a large sum of money in my wallet. That evening when I got home, I noticed my wallet missing. The guy I went out with denied taking it, but several weeks later my wallet was mailed back to me, with only the pictures inside. I know he took it but could never prove it...jerk.

  2. Katia: Wow, that certainly qualifies as a date from hell. And jerk is a mild word for that guy.


  3. Could imagine a worst date than that... though a stupider one, no... probably not. Wonder how much time this genius criminal will get?

    Do recall going to a Spring Training baseball game several years ago. A couple was sitting close to us, quite obviously on a first date. Didn't seem to be going all that well either. The guy offers to buy the girl a hot-dog, she accepts and off he goes. After 15 or so minutes he makes it back... hot-dogs, cokes and chips in hand. The girl basically FREAKS OUT because there are onions on the hot-dogs.

    I hate onions. HATE them! How can you not know that? What makes you think you can put onions on my hot dog without even ASKING. I wont even EAT a hot dog that has touched an onion. This is so disgusting!!

    lol, would have thought the guy sprinkled crack on the hot dog.

    So, he apologizes and offers to go get her another one and off he goes (leaving all of his food behind). Not a big crowd at the game, so we can see him walking pretty easily... right past the concession stand, out the gate and to his car. He's gone!

    The girl sat there for a couple of innings before she got on her cell calling friends for a ride home.

    That was the worst date we ever saw. No felonies though, lol.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  4. So this guy seemed normalish at a picnic (some friend's cousin) He shows up at my house in a bright yellow beetle (mind you this guy was 6'5")with very long deep red shag carpeting everywhere in the car INcluding the ceiling! He wore ugly glasses that day and looked like Weird Al Yankovich!! With no sense of humor - except for his drive and hairstyle!! His hair was this huge fluffy afro and it kept sticking to the carpet. The bug puttered 35mph on the freeway & you know how much I love to go fast. It was so humiliating. Being the tasteful fellow that he was, he treated me to a county fair!! First and last date - no kissing - needless to say!!!

  5. Todd and Suzy: If that's the way that woman acted on a first date, I wonder how many second dates she had.

    Fun: Well, they say you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. At least, you didn't have to kiss that frog.


  6. Wow that poor woman certainly did have a date from hell, I have been pretty lucky with all my dates and now being married I no longer have to worry about it - thank God!

    Interesting post and comments left by others...

    Mrs M

  7. Hi FD, she certainly did have a date from hell. Did he really think he would get away with it when she had his photo and phone number or had he forgotten he had given it to her?


  8. Ronnie: Yeah, hard to believe the guy could be so dumb, but every once in a while a guy goes into a bank, gives them his deposit slip and then tries to rob the place, ignoring the fact he had given away his identity. There's no shortage of dumb bad guys.