Monday, October 12, 2009

Love Our Lurkers IV

If you're a lurker -- a reader who hasn't commented in the past -- today is your day.

Bonnie of bottomsmarts is sponsoring her fourth Love Our Lurkers day to encourage readers who don't usually post to say hello. You'll find a lot of bloggers participating and we're all inviting you to become active members of our community.

I understand the value of lurkers day because a year ago, I was a lurker who decided to sign up (it's easy to do) and start commenting after I was encouraged to try it on lurkers day. A year later, I have my own blog, which I never expected to happen.

You'll find this a very welcoming community because we all like to get feedback from our readers. The comments give us the idea that we're connecting with our readers.

So give it a try. Say hello. Tell us about yourself. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Florida Dom


  1. Dear Florida Dom:

    Although we know one another's minds a little, I don't think I've ever commented here before. So, 'love our lurkers day' seemed like a good place to start.

    Compliments of the day!

  2. FD,
    You have come a long way in a year. You are a good friend and I enjoy reading all you write. It's very nice to hear a man's point of view.


  3. You know I'm not a lurker but I still wanted to stop by and say hello today.


  4. Vesta: I enjoy your blog. You express yourself well in painting a vivid picture of your relationship. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

    PK: Finding friends like you in the cyber world is one of the reasons I'm glad I stopped being a lurker. I'm glad you find it interesting to read a man's point of view. And many cyber hugs to you too.

    Ronnie: You're another friend I've made since I stopped lurking. Thanks for stopping by and much love back to you.

    And all you lurkers who are reading this, don't be shy. Say hello to me and other bloggers. And don't be hesitant to say hello just because many of us are friends. I'm sure you'll find we all like to meet new people and are very welcoming.


  5. Hi - I've commented a few times, but mostly just read. I do enjoy the discussions you get going.

  6. FD - hi, I don't think I have ever commented here before. Just wanted to say hi!

  7. Hi!

    I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and enjoy your posts.
    LOL day is so much fun!


  8. Greengirl: I'm glad you enjoy the discussions I manage to get started. I think they're fun. And I'll start commenting more on your very interesting blog.

    Ally: Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I just did the same on your blog.

    Hermione: Yes, LOL is a of of fun. Glad to hear you're a regular visitor and enjoy my posts. And hope you keep commenting. I just did the same on your blog and will keep commenting.

  9. Hello!! You're newly added to my blog list...which is kind of weird cuz I've seen you commenting at many of the same blogs I read, and I have yet to comment to a blog. I'm sure I will eventually.


  10. Hi there. We have crossed paths before on other peoples blogs when I would see one of your comments perhaps. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks only but will return. Thanks.

  11. Hi!
    I am a lurker here (but terribly chatty on some other sites) I think I am just a little shy here, but it is LOL day so I suppose there is no excuse today not to say hello.

  12. I have enjoyed visiting your blog often. I have appreciated the times you have popped by on mine. It is always nice to have a man's perspective.


  13. Have been reading almost since the start... and do enjoy your blog. Happy LOL Day!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  14. Hey Florida Dom,
    I remember when you first started commenting, but I didn't know about your blog until today. Happy LOL day. I linked you on my blog and look forward to reading much more.

  15. FD Sir thanks so much for stopping my blog! I appreciate all the people who take the time to read my blog! And I enjoy reading yours.


  16. FD, I always enjoy your blog and your comments on mine. Happy LoL Day! Meow

  17. FD, hmmm, do I count as a lurker :) probably not. Happy Love Our Lurkers Day :)

  18. Hi PK, just wanted to say on LOL day. I appreciate the thoughts you present for discussion. Thanks for coming by my place.

  19. Dear FD,

    You'll always be "Dominic" to me!! Sorry, just felt like being somewhat cryptic at this hour. Thanks for being a trusted friend. My best you and your always. Will look forward to more writings when you find the time.

    Hugs & Respect, KayLynn

  20. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'll try to stop by yours from now on.

    Cydni (Her Secret Corner)

  21. FD, I hadn't heard of Love Our Lurkers day before, but think it's a great idea.

    As a blogger it's great to know people are out there and keep coming back.

    I find it's also helpful to find new blogs I might be interested in as you can search on the commenter and see if they blog too. I've found many a good blog this way.

    Happy LOL day!

  22. Butterfly: Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and I'll be looking forward to your comments.

    Pinkpoppet: Yes, we have crossed paths and I look forward to you returning and I'll also return to yours.

    Poppy: Thanks for saying hello and I hope you return and comment.

    Katia: I'm glad you like my perspective and I also enjoy yours and I hope you return and comment.

    Todd and Suzy: It was good to hear you're a regular visitor and I hope you keep commenting. I'll also be visiting yours.

    Maryann: I'm glad you find my blog and hope you'll be a regular visitor in the future and I'll be stopping by your site.

    Mouse: Good to hear from you on lurkers day. I enjoy your blog and will continue to be a frequent visitor to your site.

    Meow: I'm glad you checked in on lurkers day. You know I stop by your interesting blog frequently and will continue to do so.

    CD: Even though you don't count as a lurker (LOL) I always enjoy hearing from you.

    Mick: Your blog is off to a good start and I want to thank you for stopping by.

    KayLynn: I also thank you for being a trusted friend. Making good friends is one of the benefits of blogging. And your mention "Dominic'' brought a smile to my face. And I hope you'll be patient because I'll eventually get to new writings.

    Iggy: Thanks for stopping by and I'll hope you'll keep coming back.

    Cydni: I enjoy yuur blog and hope you keep stopping by.

    Fuckdoll: Yes, love our lurkers day is a great idea and I was happpy to hear from you.

    And thanks to everybody who said hello and don't by shy about returning.


  23. Hi FD,

    Thank you for your help in making LOL Day a great success!


  24. I am a little late with this but I don't think I've commented here before.

    So hello *waves*

  25. Congrautlations on what looks like a very successful LOL day!

    Dr. Ken

  26. Hey FD, thanks for writing such an interesting blog! I was a lurker but only because I usually don't have anything brilliant to say. ~N