Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hair or Bare for Men?

Well, the topic on women shaving certainly got a lot of feedback and I guess what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Meow suggested after noting she's had her share of pubic hair in her mouth that I ask about men shaving down there. Or in any other place on their bodies. Are there any men who like to shave their chests for example?

OK, guys this is your turn to tell us if you have an interest in shaving. Or if you're not into posting, maybe their women can tell us about them. We had a few men mentioned in the original post. I'll start off by saying I'm not into shaving, but that's just me.

By the way, most of the women who commented on the previous post were into shaving. Are there a few more who aren't into shaving who would like to comment. Feel free to give your thoughts.

And happy Halloween everybody. Hope you have a lot of goblins and ghosts visiting your home.



  1. Ok, I'm not a guy, I am a woman, and yes, I commented on the one about women and hair. For me personally, I prefer my men NOT SHAVED below the neck. Trimmed pubes are nice and appreciated greatly, but I like my men to look like men, which for ME, includes the hair. Just my 3 cents worth.

  2. I am going to have to agree with Pink Poppet. I rather not be sleeping with a "boy." I much prefer my men with hair.


  3. I am 100% in agreement with thepinkpoppet. I think it's totally unattractive when guys wax/shave their chests. I can understand if they just don't grow a lot of hair there naturally, but an unnaturally smooth chest is not sexy. I know a lot of younger guys are doing that these days and I hate that trend. I also prefer guys with facial hair to guys without - even better yet is a guy with some stubble. That's really hot.

  4. I think there is a wide range of acceptable body hair for men - much wider than the range for women. I prefer men to have natural body hair but not look "apelike". As a former nurse, I've seen way more than I want to remember! Thanks for posting this FD! Meow

  5. My husband would never shave below the neck. Then again he's not a real hairy guy. I also wouldn't really want him to.

  6. I agree, I need my Man to have pubic hair although I like it trimmed. Master is hairy, hairy and keeps it all nicely neat. He doesnt do anything with His chest hair and I prefer that to being smooth. Unnaturally smooth is not a turn on for me. Although I dont like hairy backs much, then again I dont need to worry about that as CK does not have a hairy back or shoulders.


  7. I'd prefer not to get caught in a giant bush but I don't enjoy completely hairless - nicely trimmed is the way to go!

  8. i prefer men to have hair... a shaved cock and balls or chest feels too much like a little boy for my taste.. i do at times get hair in my mouth when im servicing Master, but its not an issue at all for me..besides, i love playing with Masters chest hair or pubic hair when we are relaxed and laying next to each other.

  9. I don't think I have a strong preference about the way it looks, shaved or unshaved. A cock looks bigger when all the hair is shaved, something that most men like I think.

    I assume that it would feel different, at first, as it does when I shave after not shaving for a while.

    And I wouldn't mind not getting pubic hair in my mouth.

  10. Master isn't into the whole shaving down there either, but I will say I love his furriness.


  11. FD - For me I like a man to be a man and to have natural body hair but I don't like to see a man with hair sprouting over the top of his t-shirt and I don't like face hair very much.

    Thanks FD.

  12. interesting topic - thanks for bringing it up.

    Mr Right has great hair on his head, his face, his chest, and his privates. For me, he's "just right." Of course!!

    He and I talked about this topic of shaving and trimming recently. I give him a lot of oral sex, and we should probably trim him up because I end up with his hair in my mouth every time.

    I shave clean every other day. and he hates to shave because of the required upkeep and maintenance, yet, even trimming requires you to keep trimming, just like shaving. so, once you start, it's hard not to continue it.

    Plus, I love being able to rub my nose in his pubic hair, feel it against my cheek, and inhale his own personal scent. must be my "wolf" totem coming out. so, trimming him close, or shaving him just isn't an acceptable option for me, or for him. And, yes, I get a "say" in this decision, thank Goddess!

    I like it that he has some hair on his chest, but isn't a bear skin rug. I've been with guys who have hair everywhere, even on their back, and it doesn't appeal to me. if a guy is going to shave, or wax, the back hair needs to come off first.

    and, I LOVE nicely trimmed facial hair. a well-cared for moustache and goatee gets me every time over clean shaven.

    cutesypah, who's running off to appreciate Mr Right and run her fingers through his wonderful hair.

  13. (Hello, btw).

    For costume night I decided to shave my body hair (it was a Roman motif). Someone said to me, "Hey, don't shave...just go get a wax!" I got body hair everywhere (save my back, thank God). I like my hair, my girl likes it, but I thought for the occasion...

    So off I go to some Russian wax joint, ask for the medium painful application, and am brought into a room where Svetlana (or whatever her name was) went to work on me.

    We'll she started on my back to remove the few wisps that have come with age (no problem).

    Then the legs (again easy, but got a little dicey up in the inner thighs).

    The arms were a no sweat (no, I shaved the underarm area myself).

    Then she started on my chest...

    Holy-fucking Moly! If you've seen the 40 Year Old Virgin, his agony was no lie. Christ Almighty, it hurt, and I'm a big man; much chest here.

    Yet nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for waxing my stomach. There was a point I began to laugh maniacally, and at times shouted to this Russian She-Bitch "RONALD REGAN, RONALD REGAN!!!"

    The whole ordeal took TWO FUCKING HOURS. What the hell was I thinking. As I walked out my body felt like a lobster what with the burn. I don't know how the gay guys do it. Women who proclaim getting the Brazilian to be an ordeal have no clue what pain is ripping hair off an area 20 times a pussy's size. And if you don't think a stomach or chest is as sensitive as your holiest of holies, just have someone tickle you on the stomach to see how touchy it is.

    No, I DON'T SHAVE and will never (and I mean EVER wax again).

    But I do shave the P&B's because the lady likes it that way (pesky hairs in the mouth, you know!). There is addition bonus to shaving shaft n' balls:

    It gives a man an extra optical inch.

    Just started a blog here and was browsing. Just thought I'd chime in.

    Hello to all,


  14. And...

    The next day when I recovered from Russian Hell on Earth, I marked something interesting:

    I lost a great deal of sensitivity being as body-bald as a bodybuilder. I would have guessed the opposite. I missed the tingle of a woman running her hands across my chest, or legs, or wherever. But I did notice another unexpected thing with no body hair:

    For the first time in my life, I felt 'petite!'


  15. Last one-

    I said I shave the PnB's, but that does not include the surrounding area. I can't think of anything more foolish than a grown man resembling a 10 year-old cub scout down south.

    Besides, I don't think my ego could handle my girl's giggles every time I removed my pants.

  16. The idea of a shaved man makes me nervous. I wouldn't exactly know what to do with a bare man, would miss the masculinity of body hair on his chest, tummy and nether region, you know?

    As for hair on his shoulders or back, I have never encountered that, it might creep me out. I know pictures of it do.

    And, in the spirit of my aunt, an optical inch is irrelevant to me, the extra hair does not prevent a person from feeling the real deal - so to speak.

  17. I just love running my fingers through a mans body hair and feel quite cheated if he is shaven. I still remember one beauty vividly, gorgeous black curls that were to die for ( on his head and around his cock).

  18. I'm a bit behind commenting because I was traveling over the weekend although I was able to read them quickly in computer at the business center at the hotel, which isn't really private. It's interesting that the title of my blog slips under the radar screen of the filters hotels put on their computers. But if a site has a word like submission or slave in the title, it gets flagged. I find it interesting that hotels are more than happy to sell you soft core porn movies in your room, but they put filers on their computers. Anyway, thanks for commenting and here goes with the replies:

    Pink: You seem to be in the majority of women who like hair on their men. I remember when we were dating and the first time I took off my shirt, she said she liked my hairy chest. Funny how you remember a moment like that. Men like to feel women like the way they look. We're vain, too.

    Vows: I know some younger men seem to shave but I don't think it'll become too mainstream if women don't like it because men, no surprise, want to appeal to women.

    Blue: I wish the stubble look would become mainstream. It'd be great to have to shave only a couple of times a week.

    Meow: Yes, men have more options because they have more body hair. I still remember a line in grade school when somebody said women don't have hair on their chest because grass doesn't grow on a playground. Never forgot that. LOL.

    Ally: I would guess he's probably happy you don't want him to shave below his neck. Less upkeep for him.

    Rosie: Sounds like neat is the way to go for you and your Man. I find it interesting the different preferences. And totally off topic, I'm impressed the way you two make a LDR work.

    Aurore: Nicely trimmed sounds like a good middle of the round choice for you.

    HisFlower: I bet your Master also loves you playing with his hair.

    Sin: Speaking of looking bigger, maybe I should do a topic on does size matter for women.

    mouse: I bet he likes the fact that you like his furriness.

    Ronnie: My wife also doesn't like facial hair even though I tried to convince her the stubble look is sexy and rugged looking to no avail. LOL.

    Cute: I hope he appreciates the fact that this topic may have gotten you to run off and rub your fingers through his hair. I bet he likes that. And good luck on your continuing adventures with Mr. Right.

    B: Nice to see a guy chime in and I'll checkout your blog. That waxing sounded painful. And interesting that you missed her running her hands through your hair.

    CD: Do you discuss this topic with your aunt? And, yes, I get your drift about feeling the real deal regardless of the optical inch.

    Doll: I can imagine you loved running your fingers through all that curly hair.

    And thanks everybody for commenting and keep them coming. I really enjoy the feedback.


  19. My Handyman is an extremely hairy man, but he does shave his pubic area. I love feeling his smooth skin and not coughing up a hair ball :-P

  20. I didn't read the other comments but I would say straight away that I LOVE hair on men. For me, completely natural is the way to go. And this is because for me, shaving = false ego = less *manly*. I decided just to type that without censorship, I hope noone is offended by it, certainly it is only my opinion.

    By the way, the answer to how often I am *butt trained?* Quite often, as he LOVES anal sex and I need to learn to take it more comfortably than I do now. It's getting better, last weekend it was the most pleasurable ever :D

    xx milla

  21. Personally, I shave my cock and balls and on a regular basis, and have for many years. I do not shave the surrounding area. And I do it for ME, not for any female. Let me tell you, the sensitivity is so much more when Im being serviced down there. The rest of me stays hairy of course!

  22. As a woman, I like my man to look like a on body. Face shaved, cause it's more comfy in certain situations. :) And trim around the cock is fine...shaved balls are preferred, hehe. Have been with men who shaved their whole bodies...didn't care for it.

    A. :)

  23. Goddess: Thanks for giving us your feedback. I find it fascinating to see how different women have different opinions on how much hair a man should have on his body.


  24. i prefer a man to be natural with body hair. i really dont want to get rug burn on my face or other sensitive parts. i as well like to run my fingers through chest hair. i think robin william's body hair is sexy.