Monday, April 19, 2010

Wearing Perfume

I read an article about a British fragrance retailer that polled 3000 women on the scents with the most man attracting power.

Chanel No. 5 was first but then it is the best seller. The others were Be Delicious by DKNY, Ghost by Ghost, Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein, Hugo Women by Hugo, Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier, Cool Water by Davidoff, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Anais Anais by Cacharel and Obsession by Calvin Klein.

Here's the questions:

Do you wear perfume and if so, all the time, at work or just going out? Do you wear perfume if you're staying in all day?

Do you wear any of these top-rated ones?

Do you think perfumes attract men?

Or do you wear perfume because you feel good about yourself when you wear perfume?

Does the man in your life want you to wear perfume or doesn't he care?

Where do you wear it on your body?

And if you don't wear it, why not?

I thought we might get some interesting answers.

Your thoughts.



  1. I wear a light body spray during the day for work or at home, and perfumed body lotion and matching perfume for going out in the evenings. (usually elle by YSL)

    I rarely wear perfume when HWMBA's home, as although he likes the perfume I wear he prefers my natural scent.

    I think men do like perfume, providing its subtle and not too heavy.

    Where do I wear it? Where I like to be kissed ;)

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Yes - I wear Classique most of the time. Kind of pleased it's on the hotlist :) However, I mainly wear it for myself - I find that what scent I'm wearing can have an impact on my mood and confidence level. I have a different perfume for scary meetings (it makes me feel business-like!) and another one for when I'm feeling a bit softer and more girly.

    I'd want to make sure a partner liked my perfume, but it's for me really - sense of smell is such an evocative thing that I like to use it to express myself, just like with clothing and appearance. Just a hint, not too much of it, mind!


  3. 1) i wear perfume all the time.. even if i am staying home
    2)i don't much care if it attacts men...
    3) i wear it because *i* love the scent
    4) when W was in my life - i don't think he much cared / or noticed my perfume
    5)behind my ears, under my breasts, in the hollow of my neck

    and i wear none of the favourites.. i wear Angel by Therry Migueler (can't remember how to spell the name sorry )


  4. I love perfume it is one of the sexy things I can do for myself and I wear it based on where I am how I feel. After all I wont wear opium at a ball game - Or Chanel to a race party. It is all in the layering of scent the time place the feeling you wish to invoke, anger sexuality, softness perfume is like a prelude to a kiss, it tells your partner where your thoughts are and god I wish women learned to layer scent so they would not need to re apply there is a reason those sets are made from lotion to powder to eau de parfum and then of course parfum. My Signature scents are Oscar de La Renta and Il Bacio which are my favorite but then when I feel really decadent I love Boucheron which is soft and rich and sexy. But by all means they should be for your inner circle not worn so it arrives in a room 3 days before you enter or leave -- after all dont you want him to remember how delicious you smelled...... not mix you up with the person next to you .......... Smiles....

  5. M:e -- I loved the line that you wear it where you want to be kissed. I'm sure the man in your life is happy to oblige.

    J: Just a hint sounds good.

    Morningstar: Good that you wear it because you love the scent.

    Muse: I bet your Master always thinks you smell delicious. And like the layer idea. You seem to know how to put on the right amount of perfume.


  6. I don't wear perfume. I can't. I have allergies. I do use hand made, natural soaps, but have to select them very carefully for scents that won't make me sneeze. Flower scents are the killer, although I've been ok with a lovely lavender mint soap. Even there, the scent is very light, and mostly perks me up when I am showering.

    I've never really liked perfume much, anyway. I would wear it for the sadist, though, if he so desired. But he hasn't ordered me to. He likes my body as is. At least so far.

    And thanks to Masters Muse for her great comment on not wearing too much!


  7. FD - Chanel No 5 is my favourite. It's the only thing I wear to bed :)

    Have others but I seem to always come back to Chanel. I don't feel dressed without perfume on.

    Most men like like perfume and personally I would say the same as M:e, they like nice and subtle smells, not strong and overpowering.


  8. I don't really wear perfume, but I do use body spray. It's from Bath Junkie, where you can mix your own... right now my favorite is a blend of pear and kiwi. But I use a lavender and vanilla one in the evening before bed. :)

  9. I wear perfume whenever I remember to put it on! I don't like "top rated" scents, because I don't want to smell like everyone else. They might attract men, I'm not really sure! I wear perfume because I like to smell it throughout the day. If I'm wearing body spray, I just make a little cloud and step through it. If it's perfume, I use it on my wrists and neck.


  10. I wear perfume all the time it seems. I like PS I Love You from bath and body works--it's my go to fragrance for everyday use. I use the perfume behind my ears...wrists and bodice, and the spray over clothing, even start with the lotion when I'm going out somewhere nice with O. It's not so strong that I can't layer it. Not to mention a great price point. it's clean smelling not too flowery.

    Chanel #5 is an all time favorite but I don't wear it everyday.

    I have to be careful about fragrances because O has allergies. But the PS one doesn't set him off in the least. Chanel kinda does set them off.

    Great question...

  11. i dont wear perfume very often as Sir is not keen on it.

  12. oatmeal girl: You have to like the fact he likes your body the way it is -- at least as long as you're smooth down there.

    ronnie: He must like it's the only thing you wear to bed.

    Heather B: The blend of kiwi and pear sounds interesting.

    Kelsi: Making a little cloud and stepping through it is a nice touch.

    mouse: Good that you found a fragrance that doesn't bother his allergies.


  13. I don't wear perfume or body spray every day while I am at home with the kids, but I when I do I wear it because I like the scent. Brad likes it too. My personal favorite is Scensual Amber from Bath and Body Works. If I want a lighter scent I use Coconut Lime Verbena lotion.

  14. Oh, FD, not only do I like the fact that he likes my body the way it is, he has taught me to love my body in a way I didn't before.

    AS for "down there," I think he liked it complete with scraggly red curls as well as bare. He would pull on the tuft of hair just above my clitoris. Another way to hurt me... But bare, it beckons to him, he says. And, I think, makes him want to flog it even more.

  15. Ally: It's good that you both like the scent.

    oatmeal girl: Kudos to him that he's taught you to love your body in a way you didn't before. So many woman have body issues that it's great your guy taught you to like it the way it is and he does too. You obviously have a wonderful relationship. And how nice that bare beckons him.


  16. I wear some kind of scent every time I go out. If it's a casual day, generally body spray - Warm Vanilla Sugar from the Bath and Body Works. It's also my default scent when I am having a late night rendez-vous (not too heavy and it smells delicious!)

    As for perfume, I have many but I am currently enjoying Princess by Vera Wang. The current man in my life loves it ;)

  17. For the most part, I don't wear perfume because I'm allergic to it! I can get away with some body sprays, but generally, I stick with scented lotion or nothing at all.

  18. Aurore: always good when the man in your life loves your perfume.

    TrueBlue: Sorry that the allergies have you on the no perfume list.


  19. I only really werar perfume if I am going out because my owner has no sense of smell at all therefore it would be a bit pointless weatring it at home.

    I don't wear any of the top rated ones, I prefer Christian Dior's Poison - all the flavours of it except for the hypnotic one.

    If wearing perfume I skoosh it on my shoulders, tummy and small of back. never on my neck as perfume is drying!

  20. shapeshifter: I can understand you not wearing it at home if he has no sense of smell.


  21. I love wearing and smelling perfume. Alas my wife is allergic to it (or she was the last time I had some samples). My favourite from olden times was Issey Miyake's first one (peachy & flowery, had a huge bottle); more recently I had a range of samples from Frederic Malle, I would wear Iris Poudre ("If Pierre Bourdon's IRIS POUDRE were a garment, it would be a cashmere sweater, ...") secretly whenever either my wife or I were away.

    I love the random unexpected whiffs. Smelling a nice perfume on myself or on another definitely affects me.

    Have you heard of Givaudan? Interesting company. They do flavours, fragrances and "fine fragrances". A fragrance that is not a "fine fragrance" is the kind of perfume that goes into toilet cleaner to make it smell of pine forests. I think Givaudan might have done the "fine fragrances" for some of the perfumes you mentioned (JPG and CK I think but I might be wrong; if not them then other similar brands).

  22. 'Anise, Anise" was the perfume that just drove me crazy whenever I smelled it. Instant turn-on. I don't know if it is still available.

  23. I wear it once in a while at work. I enjoy the scent and how feminine it makes me feel. As for body parts, you're welcome to sniff around my body anytime to find it.


  24. Just for the record, I cared and enjoyed morningstar's Angel perfume.


  25. I wear Creed Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie most of the time, except for work.
    For work I try not wear anything too pricey because eventually the scent sends me into work head and is ruined for any other time.

    Neck, elbows, backs of the knees and I keep every tiny bit of me moisturised (spelling?) so that the perfume smells fabulous all day.

    I also love Fever by Lush, it is a solid perfume but smells of black and white glamour, all red lipstick and fascinators. And Ginger, also by Lush.

    I wear perfume all the time. I adore it.

    Thanks for asking such a happy making question.

    On a man I love the smell of ceder.

  26. Ahh a subject close to my heart.
    I always wear some scent; I shower and use lotion that are scented.
    I can be alone all day and will still wear something.

    Nothing on the list.. but Shalimar or Oscar De la Renta.. or Amazing Grace by philosophy.. or L'air du Temps.

    I feel more feminine with scent.. even when the only one who might know is me.
    Great topic!

  27. I wear perfume whenever I am leaving the house. For normal everyday use I wear Gucci Rush and for those special occasions I pull out the Chanel No. 5. *swoons* I wear it because I enjoy the scent, the attractiveness to other opposite sex is a bonus. I did learn that for years I was doing it wrong. My mother always said spray one wrist and rub them together so as to not over power with the scent. Turns out when you rub the scent you are messing with it! Who knew? Not I! hehehe

  28. 1. yes, almost always, except when i'm playing tennis or otherwise working out
    2. i wear an hermes scent: eau des merveilles
    3. yes. and women, too.
    4. that, too
    5. he loves the way i smell
    6. i usually spray it in the vicinity of my neck and then walk towards it

  29. Passing by, thought I'd play along. :)

    1. I wear it most days. Usually DKNY "Be Delicious", Clinique "Happy Heart" or a Lotus and Bamboo body spray by Mary Kay.

    2. I think they -can- attract men, but I wear it for me.

    3. He doesn't have a preference, but he comments if I wear one he likes. On the flip side of that, I LOVE when he wears cologne.

    4. During the day? On my wrists. For a date? Places I think he may explore.

  30. Sometimes if I remember and am not going to be in a closed environment. There is a lot of resistance to the wearing of perfume at present.

    I sprayed a little Organza on for a date recently and as it is vanilla based (the number one scent for attracting men apparently) he was hard pressed to keep his hands off me.

  31. Many public places here request that perfumes not be worn, out of consideration for those with allergies. I can't wear it to work, for example. So I restrict myself to wearing scents when I am at home. Application of perfume is part of my unwinding process after a day at the office. Yes, Ron likes it, and I like the colognes he wears.


  32. Currently I wear perfume because I like it. But Master is allergic so I don't wear it around him.
    When I do wear it I spray it on my neck, my breasts, my wrists, my lower back and sometimes my elbows. I actually prefer Jovan's White Musk (cheap perfume but it is one of my favorites). I just like walking around where ever and getting a hint of the perfume and thinking "Ooo that smells good, oh wait that's me!" Lol. Probably a girl thing though.

    Hopefully I'll find a kind that doesn't make Master sneeze and that I like, because I just feel so much more girly when I'm wearing perfume.

  33. Hiya Dom :)
    Yes, I wear perfume, usually everyday, even if I am staying home. (My hubbie usually works from home, so I try to look and smell my best :))
    No, I do not wear any of the top scents.
    I don't know if it attracts all men, but it attracts my man :) And that is why I wear it.
    My hubbie never asked me to wear it, but when I do he always says "I love the way you smell." Like he can't get enough. I wear Japanese Cherry Blossom.
    I wear it on my neck, the small of my back, behind the knee.

  34. Perfect: Sorry to hear your wife is allergic to it.

    Sheen V: I don't know either.

    Tina: I'm sure most men would be happy to sniff around to find it.

    Sir: Good to hear you enjoyed it.

    Poppy: Nice to hear you adore perform. And I bet he enjoys having you wear it.

    Nancy: Good to hear you feel more feminine with a scent.

    Gray: Who knew that rubbing the scent messed with it?

    Naughtyinaustin: Have you ever played tennis with a woman wearing perfume? I have.

    Doll: was the perfume the reason he had trouble keeping his hands off of you?

    Minority report: I bet he loves to explore those places.

    Hermione: Nice way to unwind after work.

    aiira: Good luck in finding one that doesn't make him sneeze.

    Sylvia: You have to like the fact it attracts your man.

  35. For years i didn't wear perfume, but Sir prefers a "slutty' scent. That was for me to figure out what it was, btw! I tried one at our first reaction. i tried a second one at our 2nd meet. no reaction.

    For our "necking" date..yes, another try. I got into his car..."hmmmm, you smell nice, very nice, nilla.'
    What? i say, surprised.
    "You smell very good little girl"


    Body shop. Vanilla shower gel and moisturizer.

    more giggles.

    is that cliche' or what?

    still smilin'

  36. oh yes, every week i play tennis with women wearing perfume! and my favorite quote regarding tennis and perfume, from a woman who didn't have time to shower after playing before a meeting said, 'i took a light perfume, and i sprayed it heavily'.

    so, what do you think? to perfume or not to perfume before a match?

  37. I never leave the house without wearing perfume. I have eclectic taste in my fragrances ranging from light and flowery for daytime such as Kenzo Flower, to something a little more enticing like Calvin Klein's Euphoria, and nearly always when I'm with an 'encounter' I wear Ann Summers Ravishing body lotgion. It's just so beautiful and I put it on my breasts (not nipples) stomach, inner thighs, even my bum cheeks. Compliments every single time!

  38. typo in post above - should read Ravishing body lotion

  39. Naughty: Sometimes the female scent after a workout can be as enticing as perfume.
    And I think perfume is fine before a match because it tends to mix with her scent during a match. Especially during a mixed doubles match!!!
    You make interesting comments. You should start your own blog.

    Leah: I figure it's ravishing on you since you get compliments every single time.


  40. naughtyinaustinMay 3, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    what a very nice compliment. thank you. so, i'm curious. what's your NTRP?

  41. naughtyinaustinMay 3, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    PS. hope that's not too personal a question:)