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Lisa's Training Chapter 11

This is the latest installment of my series about the Training of Lisa, a yong professional woman who's a tiger in the boardroom and a slave in the bedroom. In the previous chapter, Lisa had been collared by her Master and agreed to become his slave. She knew what that meant. She would obey and submit to him without question. She was totally under his control but she craved this status. She wanted to serve him. He'd then taken her out to dinner in a fancy restaurant when she learned serving him wouldn't be easy. She twice had to expose her breasts to a stranger, which embarressed her and then the stranger (she didn't know he was Master's friend) was allowed to give her a hard spanking in the limo on the ride to Master's home. We pick up the story on their arrival. If you want to read the previous 10 chapters, they are in the archives. and let me know if you would like me to do more chapters.

Training Lisa Chapter 11

Lisa's ass was burning and she was so wet as she walked up to the steps of her Master's home that her juices were dripping down her legs.

The stranger's spanking in the limo had that effect on her. It was harder than any spanking her Master had given her and left red welts on her ass. And the beating slammed the buttplug deeper into her ass and she still had the soaked thong in her mouth that prevented her from screaming out. And then there was the humiliation of knowing the limo driver could watch in the rear view mirror and see her in torment.

Still, the spanking eventually sent her into subspace, her endorphins kicked in and she was flying and she could feel herself getting wetter. By the time, he finished, she was in a daze but a good daze. She was content she had served her Master.

As they entered her Master's house, she was surprised the limo driver had been invited in too. She didn't know he was a friend of Master's. All she could think that he was another stranger Master wanted to expose her to.

After they entered the house, Master replaced her Tiffany's collar that she wore in public with a dog collar that was a symbol of the fact she was his pet as well as his slave. He also took the soaked thong out of her mouth that had stopped her from crying out in the limo. She knew he didn't mind if she cried in his home. It was so isolated that she knew nobody could hear her screams when she was beaten -- if a beating was in his plans. She never knew what he wanted in advance. She just submitted. She wanted what he wanted to give her.

He then unzipped her dress and she stepped out of it. She was now naked in front of three fully clothed men -- his Master, the stranger and the limo driver. That made her feel even more exposed. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. She couldn't believe she was doing this and yet she knew she wanted it. And her Master was very pleased with her reaction. From their first contact online, he had sensed she was a matural sub and that he could mold her into the slave he wanted. And he was proud that his instincts were right. She craved being controlled. She was so wet most of the time that she often had to bring a second pair of panties to work because the first ones would be soaked by mid-day. He had tapped into the submissive side of her personality.

Exsept for the throbbing in her pussy and her wet panties, there was no sign at work that anything had changed. She was still the dominant alpha female who ran the show and had the males in her office quivering shen they were called to her office because they feared they had make a mistake. And she liked being in charge at work. She liked showing there was no glass ceiling for women in the work place. Hilliary may have made 17 million cracks in it but she wanted to shatter it. There was no limits on what she wanted to achieve. She relished the fact that her subordinates feared her. She felt a touch of fear was good in the workplace. It motivated her underlings to be on their toes and be at their best at all times. She knew they called her a bitch behind her back and she actually was pleased by that characterization. It showed she was no pushover. She knew at meetings that when she tapped her pencil on the table, they knew she was unhappy.

And yet there was this other side of her. Even she didn't understand it. All she knew is that submitting outside the office was a total turn on for her. It kept her aroused. She was like a bitch all right when she was serving Master -- a bitch in heat. She was thrilled when he made her his slave. Even the pain from the beatings was a turn on for her. The pain turned into pleasure and when it was over, she was proud of the stripes and the welts. And her Master knew to mark her only where it wouldn't show at the office under her power suit.

And her Master kept upping the ante, testing her limits and she found there were none. She would do what she was told to do. Granted, it wasn't easy to expose her breasts to a stranger, but she did it because he wanted it. And it wasn't easy getting spanked by stranger, but the repeated blows started the throbbing in her pussy that she got from Master's spankings.

And now she stood naked in front of the stranger and the limo driver. Even her Master could see she was embarrassed. But not that she complained. And he was thrilled that his training was going so well that she would submit to strangers -- even though she didn't know they were his friends. But he decided to make it easier on her. He put a blindfold on her so she couldn't see who was doing what to her. She would feel it and hear it, but not see it.

And then he told her it was inspection time and she put her hands on her head and spread her legs. She was completely exposed to them. And he said, "Gentlemen, you can now explore my slave.''

She wa told to open her mouth and she felt fingers in her mouth rubbing her teeth as if she were a prized race horse instead of a bitch in heat. And then she felt her breasts being cupped and squeezed and her nipples being pulled and she heard her Master says, "Aren't you impressed with her tits? So round and firm. And then she felt them being sucked on. She couldn't believe this was happening. A stranger was sucking on her tits and it was affecting her. Yes, she had to admit that she was getting wet. The humiliation was a turn on for her. And then she felt hands coming down her smooth, flat belly. The hours in the gym had worked wonders on her figure. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. And then she felt fingers on her clit. She couldn't help herself. She started to moan because it felt so good. And she tried to buck her hips into those fingers until her Master told her to stand still. She obeyed but reluctantly. And then she felt fingers going into her pussy and she knew what they would find. And when the fingers started massaging her G spot, her knees almost buckled because it was such a turn on. She was soaking wet. She wanted relief. It was so hard for her to stand still when she wanted to writhe. And then she felt fingers on her lips and she opened her mouth and was told to suck them off. She knew she was tasting her own juices. She loved that taste. So sweet. And tasting them off a man's finger's was even better than tasting them off her hand.

She was then turned around and they admired the welts from the the spanking she had gotten in the taxi. And she heard the men complimenting the Master on his fine slave and how well she was trained. It made her proud because she knew her Master would be pleased with her.

And then she was turned around again and Master took her hand and said she was to go to her knees. She figured she knew what was coming next and it excited her. Yes, she felt a cock on her lips and she opened her mouth to welcome it. She loved cock. She loved the smell, the texture, the way it got it bigger in her mouth. And she had learned to control her gag reflex because she knew men loved her to take it deep. And then she asked if she could could swallow. But her Master had another idea. He told his friend (she was blindfolded and didn't know which one it was) to pull out of her mouth and come all over her face and hair. It was the ultimate in humiliation, but she had to admit she felt a tingle in her pussy. Being used and abused always turned her on.

She was then pulled off her knees and bent over a chair. She felt the buttplug being pulled out of her ass. And then she felt her ass being lubed. She knew that meant she was going to be fucked in the ass, but she didn't know which one of the men was going to do it. But she didn't care. She loved the sensation of having a big cock being plunged deep into her ass. She didn't know who was doing it but his cock was big and she loved the sensation as he withdrew and then pounded into her time and time again.

And then another cock was plunged into her ass so she figured both strangers had taken her. She figured her Master had saved her pussy for himself. And she wondered what he had planned next.

She was exhausted, she had welts on her, cum on her face and her hair, but she was always ready for more.

She would submit. She always did.

The End


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    OMG, I wrote part of a post tonight that touches on some of the same exact things. (please know I did not try and take your words)

  2. mmmm that had me aroused, I can so see myself as Lias x

  3. PV: Gosh, PV, when you ask for more, I guess I'll have to write more. I just wish more readers would say whether they want more. And I know you wouldn't take my words.

    heels: It's flattering that my story aroused you. Being a guy writing for an audience that includes many women, it's good to hear I hit the right tone. And since you can see yourself as Lisa, I assume you're a strong, confident woman.


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  5. reina(RT: When my writing is called hot and sexy, I guess I have to keep going. LOL. Thanks for the compliment.


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  14. ariia: Thanks for the compliment and for reading the past chapters in the archives. I know I should have them all listed in a sidebar on my blog site, but, alas, I'm a computer klutz.

    Suzanne: Good to hear my story had that effect on you and you're going back to read the past ones.

    Bella: Good to hear you intrigued by the dom/sub relationship and I hope you think I captured it accurately.

    Ronnie: Yes, I tried to do something a little different in this chaper, but I do have to get back to the story of Lisa and her Master.

    sin: Good to hear you like naughty stories. Hey, isn't naughty nice?

    PK: Thanks for the compliment but you deserve a lot of the credit for believing I could do this kind of writing. Without you, there would be no stories or blog.

    Alujna: Thanks for noting my blog anniversary is coming up. As and as far as the next story, I don't really have a time table but will write it as soon as I can get the story together in my head. I know I sometimes go too long between chapters. Sorry about that. But frankly hearing you say how eager you are to read the next chapter should spur me on to write quicker this time. As far as a sneak preview what is coming next, sometimes I don't know until I start writing but I think there will be a dinner party soon that I hope you won't want to miss. And good to hear your birthday is close to my blogging anniversary.

    And I really appreciate the feedback by those of you who commented. It has been your positive reaction that has pushed me to keep the series going. Unfortunately, only a bit more than one in every 100 readers commented so I hope those who didn't comment liked it, too.


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    sensualfreak: Thanks for the compliment and thanks for going back and reading the earlier chapters. And I will try to do more. And good luck on finding a sir who will train you the way Lisa is being trained. I just read your profile and it looks like you recently realized your interest in this lifestyle. And you might want to start your own blog and keep us up to date on your search.


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  22. Going Cerebral: Good to hear you liked it enough to go back and read all the previous chapters. And I'm glad to give you an excuse not to clean the house and do your errands.LOL. And I just checked out your blog and found it intersting and will return.

    OneChicklet: I hope to do more and good to hear you liked it enough to ask me to do more.

    sensualfreak: I don't know why I didn't see your blog the first time I looked at your profile. I found it this time and will continue to follow your journey as you try to find your niche in the lifetyle.

    southerngirl: Great to hear your knees were shaking. I hope the future chapters have the same effect.


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