Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Lazy Summer Day

The readers of this blog know what my favorite activity is, but playing tennis and walking the beach probably rank in the top five and I combined them Friday on a nice summer day.

After playing a tennis match a couple miles from the beach, I decided to have a relaxing time walking the beach. I'm not much of a swimmer, but I love walking along the shore line with the water lapping at my feet and the sound of the waves crashing in. It's so peaceful and nice for day dreaming. And while the temperatures were going into the 90s, it's always cooler at the beach.

Of course, sex is never far from my mind. LOL. Walking along the beach, I often think of the Burt Lancaster-Deborah Kerr scene in From Here to Eternity. If our younger readers see it today on netflicks, they probably wouldn't get it. Black and white and they're in bathing suits. No nudity in those days. But it was so erotic in its time. And I guess when you're younger, you think of actors and actresses as larger than life figures. The Bogart-Bergman scenes in Casablanca were the same way. Such great dialog. The Germans wore gray. You wore blue. Play it Sam, you played it for her, you can play it for me (He didn't say Play It AGAIN) and the memorable Here's looking at you kid. It's probably because I'm older but today's actors and actresses don't bring that kind of electricity to the screen even when they're naked. In those days, everything was left to the imagination. Playboy magazine couldn't even show bush (no shavingi in those days).

And while Florida beaches aren't crowded, there are always some lovelies in their bikinis. What can I say? I'm a guy. Love those round firm breasts. And the skimpy bottoms. I usually wonder if they're totally shaved or just trimmed. LOL. I even like women in bikinis who are overweight by today's standards. I like the fact they're self-confident enough to wear bikinis.

OK, so it was a relaxing time and there's a candy shop near the beach and they sell one of my favorites -- chocolate covered Macadamia nuts. They charge a ridiculous $20 a pound for him. You can buy lobster and even prine steaks at Costco (one of my favorite stores) for less. And I shouldn't even be eating them. But, hey, I like to say I'm at the stage of my life where I'm spending my kids' inheritiance. And I figure I deserve a treat.

Then went home and took a nap. Unfortunately, my wife was out and couldn't join me in the bedroom because walking the beach is a turn on for me. And then I went out and played tennis a second time at night. Now that was a fun today.

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering what the point of this rambling is. Yes, I will get back to more sexy topics in the future. but I like to think of myself as a recovering workaholic. I tend to put work first too much and it's just nice to have a fun day, relaxing day. I need to do it more often. And I hope you find the time to do it, too.



  1. That sounds like a wonderful day. I am working on my very own wonderful day right now. It is the perfect weather for a run in the woods. And I have some great books to read and the last couple of episodes of True Blood to watch.

  2. Your day sounds pretty perfect. We should all remember and make time for relaxation - it's too easy to forget x

  3. Funny, I was at a Highland games, ogling men in kilts. Must have been something about the day...

  4. Sounds like it WAS wonderful. I am not sure there was a point to this post excepts to share you thoughts, and I enjoyed reading that!

  5. It sounds like a beautiful day. :)

  6. What a wonderful day...spending it out and about. I was out and about for a change myself and I am getting ready to blog about it.

    Oh yummy, bigger girls a little time I am going with you!!! lol

  7. i've stayed by the beach my entire life. i've lived in quite a few places and all of them have beaches.... oh but it's been while since i've gone swimming! i wish......
    but playin a sport and the beach are the 2 things that make a wonderful day for a lot of people! incl me :)

  8. i love perfecting the art of doing nothing. i have very little time for doing nothing these days, so i really treasure those moments and try not to feel guilty for doing something like reading a book when i 'should' be doing something else. a day spent playing tennis and walking the beach sounds like absolute heaven to me. i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship:)

  9. i loved this post as much as i have your others..i like the glimpses of peoples whole lives, ya know... i mean, obviously we all love the sexual dynamics of our lives, but its nice seeing the everyday things too. thanks for sharing this!

  10. A break is very important for everyone to take now and then. Yours sounded awesome!

  11. Sounds liker a wonderful day FD, wished I could have joined you, not in the bedroom you understand :) but walking on the beach, I always feel at home by the ocean, I love it.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.


  12. I am glad you enjoyed your day.


  13. That sounds wondeful. I really miss the beach as it is one of my favorite places too, but here in the desert there is no beach, not even one close enough to take a day trip to. What a grand, relaxing day for you. I'm a little bit jealous... just a little. Oh, and your talk of classic movies makes me want to go watch a few!

  14. FD, I really enjoy your ramblings. There is no other activity like walking on the beach or just watching the ocean and pondering whatever. Very soothing.

  15. That sounds like a wonderful day!! Now I have to find some chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to try :)

    Yeah, I'm a sucker for firm breasts and bikini bottoms too. *grin* It's an illness, really.

    I'm glad you took time to relax. That's so important! Btw, I finally got you linked added on my blog. I'm embarrassed it took me so long. Hope you have a good one. :)

  16. Being a Floridian myself I love going to the beach!!! I miss it like crazy (haven't been since last summer!) master and I have talked about taking a detour to the beach sometime next month if he has to travel for his company but it looks like he may not have to go any time soon. Reading about other people's journey down sandy beaches and into salty waters is probably the closest I will get this year! I love your blog even if your posts aren't all sex all the time. Lol. In fact anyone who writes nothing but sex tends to get a little boring to me. Someone who can be Master or slave and yet enjoy showing more than just their kinky side makes me feel as though I'm really getting to know them on a deeper level. Loved this post FD! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  17. Life isnt all about sex..Its nice to know you have other interests.


  18. sounds a wonderful day.


  19. Hi FD, sorry for taking so long to comment in such a lovely post!
    I wish you to have a lot of days just like this one and I hope you can share them with us, always.

  20. Poppy: Good to hear you worked on having a wonderful day.

    shapeshifter: Yes, we shouldn't forget relaxing time.

    Jz: I can imagine you enjoyed seeing men with kilts.

    Sara: I am glad you enjoyed reading my thoughts. Yeah, there wasn't a major point except that we should take some time out to just relax.

    elle: Yes, it was beautiful.

    PV: Be happy to have you come with me. LOL.

    Aluina: Yes, the beach helps make a wonderful day.

    naughty: I hope you can spend more days doing nothing.

    Hisflower: I'm glad to see you enjoy hearing about the everyday things.

    Slippery: Yes, it was awesome.

    ronnie: Yes, I would have liked to have you join me even if it wasn't in the bedroom. LOL.

    Vows: Yes, I enjoyed it.

    Alice: Yes, that's the problem with the desert, the lack of a beach. And, yes, those classic movies were so good. Maybe it's because I'm older but today's movies don't seem the same. They used to make them for adults. Now they make them for teens.

    ally: yes, it was very soothing.

    Celine: Thanks for linking and yes you should try those chocolate covered Macadamian nuts. Delicious.

    ariia: I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    reina(RT): Yes, Carrie, I do have other interests.

    lu peatal: yes, it was wonderful.

    amasterandhissub: I will try to have more days like that one.

    And thanks for all the comments and sorry I was slow in replying.


  21. Now I get why people read my blog even without the kinky bits. Reading your post made me feel like I was there, in hot temps by the beach away from the harsh winter here right now. That was nice. I think sharing simple thoughts can sometimes be the best.