Monday, March 21, 2011

The King's Speech

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical of a movie about a king who stammers even though it won the Academy Award. But I was blown away with how good the movie was. I recommend "The King's Speech'' very highly.

But the reason I am writing the post is because of the subplot about how he became King George VI when his brother gave up the throne for the woman he loved -- Wallis Simpson. She was twice divorced so he wasn't allow to marry her because he was the head of the Church of England. Henry VIII would have just started a new religion, but times had changed so he gave up the throne rather than give her up or have her only as his mistress.

There has been speculation and many rumors that they had some kind of a D/s relationship or were kinky in some way. At the very least, she was very domineering. The movie hints at it in one scene when Simpson taps her wine glass and the King goes to the wine cellar to find the wine she wants instead of sending the butler to do it. His official biographer called him "slavishly dependent'' on her. Now that could have many meanings.

Of course, we will never know, but kind of interesting to speculate. The Kinky King does have a ring to it.



  1. it was a bs movie
    check my review

  2. In one special I watched it was said she made him beg like a dog for cigarettes. Of course the other main reason England wanted him gone was that he was a real Hitler supporter. I'd like to see the movie.


  3. From the different articles I've read she seemed unpleasant and a very domineering women. He was weak and totally besotted with Wallis.

    I did enjoy the film.


  4. I agree with you, FD. I thought this was one of the best movies I had seen in years. Though they may have been pandering for an Oscar, so what? They still had to make a good movie to get it. This film worked on several different levels--a bromance, overcoming adversities, the backdrop of the war which made the king rise up to the needs of his people and the time (a very British notion), there were just lots of good parts to it.

    I totally missed the wine cellar thing, but they certainly hinted at Simpson's wild sexual proclivities. Edward VIII in chains!

  5. amaresh: I read your blog about the wrong movies winning the Oscars, but I don't think it is a bs movie.

    PK: Hope you get to see the movie.

    Ronnie: She didn't seem to be too pleasant.

    Neo Dom Tom: Glad you enjoyed the movie.


  6. Didn't know the story behind the brother and his "gf" but glad someone else took that scene the way I did.