Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sex Increases Heart Attack Risk

Now there's a headline to catch your eye.

Health.com reported that according to an analysis by the Journal of the AMA, exercising or having sex just about triples a person's risk of heart attack in the hours immediately afteward especially if a person does those activities infrequently.

Hmmm. So the next time the wife says she has a headache, the right answer is you need frequent sex to avoid a heart attack.

But then the fine print says the triple increase is from one in a million to three in a million. Now Nelson Rockefeller did die of a heart attack while having sex with his mistress (maybe more stressful than sex with your wife) but when you're talking about three in a million, the study doesn't seem to be worth much.

Still, it was an eye-catching headline.



  1. I am certain that if asked the majority of men would prefer to die during a torrid sexual encounter than during a nighttime visit to the bathroom. So it is an extremely silly piece of research...if we can't stop people smoking despite the increased risk of death from cancer then what point is there highlighting such a minimal risk of death during a pleasurable activity like sex.

  2. I imagine a man who tell his wife his version of this story isn't likely to remember that one little detail!


  3. If "having sex with (your) mistress (maybe more stressful than sex with your wife)" I'm thinking you might have the wrong wife!

  4. Got three words for you: Worth. The. Risk.

    I'm soooo bad!!!!

    hugs to you, Florida Dom!