Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sex Dreams

A colleague of mine told me that he had a dream the other night that he had Miley Cyrus naked on the kitchen floor (of all places) and was getting ready to have sex with her when his mother, who has been dead for a decade, popped up and said, "You're not going to do that, are you?'' And he woke up and the dream was ruined. My first thought was, oh a blog idea. Couldn't tell him that though.

But I don't think I've ever asked about sex dreams so I thought it would be a good idea. Do you want to share you best sex dreams? And how often do you have sex dreams? Are they the same ones or different ones?

I hope we get some good replies.



  1. I remember my first true sex dream. It was long before I lost my virginity. I was in a white room, one wall was all windows and the bedding was white too. George Harrison (the Beatle)was about to take me and I will never forget the feeling of wanting it more! I was 18 or 19 at the time and my dad used to study dreams and how to interrupt them. It wasn't unusual for him to ask me what I'd dreamed. That morning I told him "I had a dream you don't tell your dad about." I distinctly remembering him grinning and telling me "You know you can get spanked for having dreams like that."

    I know this is mild for a 'sex dream' but it's a powerful memory for me.


  2. I dreamed I was on my Chastity Planet - but I already blogged about that :)

  3. Sad to say.. I don't remember sex dreams (if I have them)... Even at 50 I still dream about being naked in school and not remembering my locker combination.

    I think I def need more therapy ;)

  4. Ironically my last sex dream, I was handcuffed upside down in a hospital bed and using the incline of the head to force whomever was licking me to the proper place. Note: two weeks later, I spent 2 nights in the hospital and there were no handcuffs or willing participants.

  5. Oh I have great sex dreams! I don't have many repeating dreams.
    Generally there are mixed sexes and of course I'm the object of the combined desires.

    My favorite dream (repeated only once that I remember )is where I'm tied and at the mercy of a man and his female submissive...
    oh what they do to me.. so hot and I'm so helpless.. yum!

  6. I have one sex dream that really stands out in my mind. It was with another woman I knew. She was a lovely scottish woman and I found anything she had to say endlessly facinating just because of her accent. I was quite shocked when I dreamed what I did, twice actually. That's not exactly like me. I felt sort of awkward next time I saw her.

    I looked up the meaning of the dream on a dream interpertation website and found that it supposedly meant that I simply admired her.

  7. Don't you love when you have great sex dreams? Except when you wake up in the middle of them and try sooooo hard to stay asleep.

    I used to have tons of them 100 years ago when I quit smoking using the patch. I think I had the most erotic dreams of my life then.


  8. Interesting question. I rarely remember my dreams, but they are usually quite nice when I do.

    Most of my sexual dreams involve some sort of voyeuristic theme. Usually I am having some sort of public sex with my wife and others are watching. When my wife is giving me a handjob, that fantasy of being watched by others frequently enters my mind. I have had dreams of being "directed" by a third person, as if I am a male porn star and I must submit to whatever the director wants me to do.

  9. I've had one sex dream that I've been building on for 15 years.. each time I dream about it, it gets more and more detailed! LOL. Its my own little fantasy world I love to live in! :-)

  10. I've had many dreams like your friend where I'm ready to have sex or ready to come and I get caught by mother! I did have 2 sex dreams where I actually did come, one as a teenager and one later as an adult, which I think is unusual for a girl. I don't know how common that is for female to have a "wet" dream.

  11. My main 'sex dream' is where I walk somewhere and end up totally naked, but just keep on doing what I'm doing. Of course, I am seen by a woman and become hard. I typically wake up JUST before anything happens.

    I have had a few where I am placed into a chastity device and the woman throws the key away and tells me I will STAY like that. A friend, in reality, has a device and locks me in it from time to time and DOES tease about prolonged chastity. When I ask her 'how long?', she just looks at me and winks - "You'll find out soon enough."

    jane - BOTH sexes have 'wet dreams'.