Sunday, May 8, 2011

Naked Resorts

The Wall St. Journal had a front page story last week on another problem with our economy -- naked resorts or colonies or camps. The staid Wall St. Journal is getting a bit more racy now that Rupert Murdoch is running it. Who knew there was a problem?

Turns out young people aren't flocking to them because the older crowd dominates and the younger ones feel like it is a retirement place. And some of the older types aren't welcoming because they feel the younger ones are too raucous.

Surprised the older types wouldn't welcome the young people. I know nudists say they like the freedom of not wearing clothes. I thought the point of looking at young naked chicks but then maybe I don't understand the nudist mindset.

So I thought I'd ask. Have any of you visited one of these places? Have you thought about it and just haven't done it. Or do you have no interest?

Your thoughts


  1. I'd have to say no, not really. But if I think about it I would be much more likely to do it now than I would have been when my body was in MUCH better shape to be on view. The old body looked better back then but I way more comfortable with it in the older, saggy, overweight model. Funny how live works isn't it.


  2. Caliente on the Florida west Coast is more of a younger crowd but not inexpensive. Apretty open minded girl on ones arm will open doors however. The key to entry there is to purchase in the community, or the huge neighborhood across the major road, those residents get memeberships with their home purchase. Or did last I checked. And yes the crowd is attractive.

  3. I always laughed at the idea when I was a kid and sometimes wonder what it would be like to visit a 'colony'. It would be on my short "Bucket List".

  4. Black's Beach in San Diego. Not this trip, though. LOL. When I was younger. Don't know if I'd do it again, though.

  5. On one of our holidays in Spain we visited a beach that was sort of split into two, one was for nudists. We took a walk over, not many on that part of the beach and all Europeans.

    Don't mind going topless but I don't think I would fancy going the whole way. No real reason, just me.


  6. I have never been to a nudist resort but have been to a couple of swingers events and they have a definite age thing too. Somewhere between 35 and 40 the separation occurs. The older ones resent the 'beautiful' young things and the younger ones find the wrinklies revolting.

  7. We're going to our first clothing optional camping trip in June. Should be an interesting time. We're in our 40's.

  8. There are a few Naturist resorts here in South Africa and we've visited them all. The majority of people who do visit regularly seem to be in the 35-45 age group. There definitely is no shortage to younger twenty some-things visitors.

    Age aside, it simply is the best holiday you can have in my opinion. Where else can you get out of the shower and think to yourself: "What am I going to wear... Nothing!"