Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best Movie Kisses

I saw this list of best movie kisses on a site called and thought I would share them ith you.

1. Of course, it has to be Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr on the beach in "From Here to Eternity.'' What sparks. They had bathing suits on but it was so sexy with the waves crashing on them. I'd love to makeout on that beach. And Lancaster and Kerr were amazing. That was the golden age of Hollywood.

2. Breakfast at Tiffanys with Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard in a rain drenched kiss based on the famous Truman Capote novel, which was based on a real person. She is an icon but he faded from the scene. I saw the movie but frankly don't remember the kiss.

3. Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio in the Titanic. I liked the scene better when she posed topless for a drawing for him.

4. Meet Joe Black with Brad Pitt aqnd Claire Foriani. I didn't see this one.

5. Shakespeare in Love with Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow. I remember her pretending to be a man in the movie, which was a stretch.

6. Cold Mountain with Jude Law and Nicole Kidman. I didn't see it.

7. The Notebook with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Didn't see it.

8. Cashback with Sean Biggerstaff and Emilia Fox. Didn't see it.

9. Slumdog Millionaire with Dey Patel and Freida Pinto. I remember the movie but not the kiss.

How could they leave out Bogey and Bergman in Casablanca (my all time favorite) and Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind?

Do you have your favorite movie kiss?



  1. I thought you were about to leave Scarlett and Rhett out. That's my all time favorite kiss, well that whole scene of course. Talk about your dominant man! I read once that a psychologist explained that while many woman had rape fantasies they considered 'rape' as what Rhett did to Scarlett that night and that the smile afterwards was part of it. And of course later that morning he did threaten to take a buggy whip to her.


  2. PK: Yes, that wasn't included in the list but I had to mention it. Forgot to mention the smile. In those days the movies had to be subtle. Overall there were a lot of myths in that movie that don't play well today but yes, I think any sub would be happy to submit to Rhett. She probably wanted the buggy whip, LOL. Yes, what Rhett didn't wasn't rape but I can imagine women fantasizing about it.



  3. I love the scene from "The More the Merrier" (1943) where Joel McRea and Jean Arthur walk down the street, talking about other things while his hands roam all over her and she tries to stop him. Neither one can concentrate on the conversation because of their undeclared passion. I don't think they even kiss at this point but I think it's hotter than some more explicit love scenes because of what is smoldering underneath. As the song goes; "A Kiss is Just a Kiss...........As Time Goes By." A simmering passionate glance across the room can be more intense than some kisses, if the chemistry is there. (In the movies, I mean!) In real life, it's just frustrating!

  4. Meow: Yes, a simmering passionate glance across the room can be more intense than some kisses. In movies back in the day when they couldn't show as much, they had to rely on those glances.


  5. I'm not sure this will count as a kiss scene but they don't do "it" so I will throw it out there - Ellen Barkin & Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy. They're making out on the bed, trying to get around to "it" but circumstances and anxieties prevent them. Very hot (to me).

    Meow, I love those old movies! I used to think they were so tame and prudish but they're not. Between the layered dialogue and the "simmering" you mentioned...lovely.

  6. Hmmm... didn't Mickey Roarke and Kim Bassinger, in '9 1/2 Weeks,' have a pretty lurid kiss on that stairwell in the rain?

    At least, that't the memory I have of it... :oD


  7. gosh so many to choose from FD, i quite liked 9 1/2 weeks too shoes, very yummy also dont forget about the scene at the fridge too!!!!

    blossom x

  8. mmmmmm Rhett and Scarlett for sure is in my opinion the best movie kiss. But there are so many to chose from - The Notebook is a goodie too.

  9. Rhett and Scarlett win hands down in my book.
    Casablanca too had some great kisses but something about Rhett..

  10. Casablanca and Gone with the wind get my vote for romantic kisses but 9 1/2 weeks quite steamy.


  11. Bronte: Yes the layered dialog in the old movies was lovely. And thanks for commenting. I hope you do it more often now that you have a new name.

    Red Shoes and Blossom: Yes, 9 1-2 weeks was steamy but I was disappointed in the movie because the book -- did you read it? -- was better except for the ending.

    Kiwi: I didn't see the Notebook. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Nancy: Yes, most women think there was something about Rhett.

    Ronnie: As I said earlier, 9 1-2 weeks was steamy although I liked the book better except for the ending.

  12. "Mystery, Alaska"....

    Russell Crowe and his wife (I don't know her name) after he tackles her, essentially plowing them into a snow bank (on ice skates)... he holds her down and kisses the hell out of her. (OMG!)