Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dress code

Did you see the story about the woman who was apparently ejected from a Walmart in Eugene, Ore.for wearing a string bikini top with shorts.

If you haven't seen her, you can google woman ejected from Walmart for wearing a string bikini. She is not a young babe, but a 51-year-old woman with a shaved head and tatoos who says she has disabilities from motorcycle accidents.

She says she was escorted out of the store. The store officials have a different version.

Regardless of what happened, the question I have is should women wear anythng they want in public as long as their private areas are covered or do you feel some things are inappropriate.

I go to the beach a lot and many women won't even walk from their car to the beach in a bikini. They wear a T-shirt top they take off on the beach.

Anyway. I am curious to get your thoughts on what is appropriate for women to wear in public.



  1. OK I have checked out the photo. In this case I would say it depends upon how Walmart treat 51 year old obese men with tattoos. Are they allowed to walk around dressed just in shorts or are the asked to cover up their belly's too?

    This woman certainly wasn't giving an overt sexual display so it can't be about that but the lack of class suggested by her presentation. So I would want to see that Walmart were treating the sexes in a similar manner.

  2. I don't know...Do I think it's appropriate...no! Do I think it should be mandated by law that people should cover their bodies...no! I can understand laws about shoes for safety, and I can understand the common decency of covering your private areas, but outside of that, of a man OR woman wants to dress like a slob, in an uncouth manner, let them. I look a LOT better than that gal, but at 53 and after 3 kids, I wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini anywhere...but that's me. Sara

  3. I don't much care what she looked like... what bothers me is the different standards for the sexes..... we've come a long baby - but we still have a long way to go.

  4. I do think the funniest thing is that she bought the bikini top in Walmart in the first place...

    Velvet <3

  5. Appropriate, no. Illegal, no. Some places require shirts and shoes and that should apply to both sexes. You can't mandate good taste, I guess!

  6. It should come down to personal choice. I'd expect people to cover up when off the beach or away from the pool, but that's just me.

    I'm sure however that many people would object to serving staff in bars and restaurants being mostly naked, or indeed the guy in Walmart putting out stock to be only semi-clothed...

    Why are they making an issue of her disability... or does someone else dress her?

  7. I still think that the rule: must have on a shirt and shoes to shop...should be federal law... What you wear to the beach is one thing, but in a store... you should at a bare minimum wear a shirt and shoes, if for no other reason that respect to others around you. :-)

  8. Personally I wouldn't go into a shop like she was dressed but that's me. I don't like to see men go into shops without a shirt on when were abroad I think it's disrespectful.


  9. Thinking on, I doubt the law is that different in the US, but here a store is private property and they can grant admittance to however they like, and decline it for whatever reason they like and not even have to say why... seems fair to me.

  10. Yes, I think Wal-Mart had every right to ask her to put on a shirt or leave. I think it's just common courtesy to cover up more than that in such a situation. There's a time and a place for everything, a store (be it Wal-Mart or anywhere else) is not the place to wear a bikini top (unless there's a shirt over it).

  11. i think nowadays too many go about half naked, and its not something i like to look at either, especially if they are being slobbish...lol. i feel that one should look half decent no matter where they are going, common decency, and remember there are kids running around the stores and im sure not something a parent would like them to see.

  12. Yes, nodding my head in agreement with Alice.

  13. Doll: Good point on how they treat men in similiar situations.

    Sara: I agree there shouldn't be a law. And is there a reason you aren't posting on your blog or do you have a new one?

    morningstar: Yes, women still have a long way to go in our society.

    Velvet: Yes, the fact she bought it at Walmart in the first place is funny.

    Meow: Yes, you can't mandate good taste.

    Arlequin: Not sure why her disability is an issue. Maybe because they appear to be picking on a disabled person.

    Audra: I think we should respect people around us, but I agree with Sara that we dn't need a law.

    Ronnie: I can't remember the last time I saw a man without a shirt on in a store.

    Arlequin: Yes, the store is private property so they should be allowed to have a dress code. Many stores have signs about wearing shoes for example.

    Alice: Yes, there is a time and a place for everything.

    Blossom: yes, they should look half decent regardless of where they are going.

    Jokes: Thanks for commenting, I think, for the first time here. Your website looks interesting. Do you care to come back and tell us about how you started it.


  14. I was asked to leave a store recently. My Mistress led me in on a leash and I was wearing my diapers, pink ruffled panties and a tee shirt that said "Big Baby"

  15. Well, I don't want laws mandating how people dress--that gets too far into weird territory for my taste. But at the same time, whatever happened to common decency in our society? Did that particular "button" get shut off? I don't think this woman should have gotten hassled only because I've seen so many others dressed this way, and way worse!, at Walmart. When I go shoppping, I don't want to see fat OR skinny people in bikinis, without shirts, or dressed like they just got off their night job of standing on the street corner. Both men and women--have a sense of decorum! Idk, maybe I belong back in a different age...

    p.s. Sorry I'm late in commenting. I'm playing catch-up with my reading.