Monday, August 22, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I just read a story about a woman at UCLA who is not going to look in the mirror for a year, including covering her wedding date. And she blogs about it in a blog called Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall.

Here is the link to the story:

The story says some women look in the mirror 70 times a day.

Do you look into the mirror often? Do you like looking in the mirror?

Your thoughts?


  1. I look in the mirror every time I wash my hands. The mirror is behind the sink. I don’t go out of my way to find one. It is just there. When we are camping I look for a mirror about twice a day.

  2. I wouldn't say I like to look in the mirror but I often do as our mirror at home is above the sink. You wash your hand and you just automatically look. Same at our office.


  3. Ok what about boogers? Or spinach in her teeth?
    Let's be real - lol

  4. I think that's just silly. People should look in the mirror because sometimes you see food on a shirt or dress that you wouldn't notice if you didn't. Ask me how I know? Or maybe it's just because I'm messy in the kitchen with cooking, etc. I don't think I'm vain for checking my clothes/teeth/hair:).


  5. I think that's an interesting challenge to go through. As said above, the mirror is above the bathroom sink, so yeah, I look in the mirror a few times a day. Also, Chess prefers that I keep my appearance to a certain standard so I do check how I look throughout the day, but not obsessively.

  6. I guess I can understand, because I do know quite a few women who are super self-absorbed and vain. Those kinds of women drive me bonkers. That being said, What the heck?! Your commenters above me are right: Something in your teeth, on your shirt... and is she going to go vampire and cover all the mirrors over her sinks?

  7. I am not obsessive about looking in a mirror during the day but will use it to touch up my lipgloss etc.

    My Master made an interesting comment during a conversation with me the other day. "the mirror ALWAYS lies and serves only as a reminder of what lies beneath.".

    An interesting post as always, thank you, Florida Dom.

    Take care, Sky

  8. Florida Dom - I am not sure how to edit my previous post but I misquoted my lovely Master. His words were - "The mirror ALWAYS lies. It will always be a reflection of a shell and serves only as a reminder of what lies beneath."

    I have gained a sense of self pride based on my appearance and I am learning that my pride will come from inside myself.

    Sorry about the double posts!


  9. Only about twice a day, like getting dressed for the day, hair etc..and when I leave the house check hair, put on lipstick etc.

  10. never if I can help it. ever. I even use a tiny mirror to put on makeup so never see the whole package. I loathe mirrors.

  11. not a great user of a mirror either, do what i have to do and thats me

    blossom x

  12. Wow that's a huge thing for me. I look into the mirror constantly. Mostly because for most of my life I hated how I look and yet 2 years ago I began actually liking what I see.