Friday, August 5, 2011


Have you heard of planking?

It is the art of being photographed face down with with stiffened arms and legs.

It supposedly started out in Australia and says it is sweeping the world.

The Huffington Post had a photo of several of Hefner's playmates face down. They were
clothed but their butts look so inviting for a spanking. You can google it.

Have you heard of planking? I don't get the point if it is not followed by a spanking.

Your thoughts?



  1. Yes, so far we have had one fall to his death... planking on a balcony railing... and it is a sackable offense in some companies, even during your breaks. While one has always considered it a stupid thing to do, your take on it does open up a wealth of possibilities :D

  2. Laughing~~
    first thing that came to mind is "Planking fish" in Shad in the spring~~

    But no .. not in the way you've used it here, I've never heard of this practice.
    What a waste not to spank the planker!

  3. Planking is just dangerous as young people push the boundaries to find the most difficult place to plank. Trust us to thinK of such an insane past time!

    Much rather spank than plank :)

    L x

  4. It's not just the young that are planking. My 48 year older sister was planking at the peak of a 12 foot shed because her kids (21 year old the youngest) were having a contest to see who's Mom was the best planker. I told her she was a stupid fool and could have killed herself or gotten seriously hurt. And she wonders why her kids do stupid stuff. As this was just a few days ago that she did this, it is not just the younger generation that are planking.

  5. Spanking is so much better! i just don't get planking.

    Hope You are well.

    t. x