Saturday, October 1, 2011


I recently mentioned the book "A Billion Wicked Thoughts'' and the Internet research they did on what people like.

It turns out breasts, butts and feet are the three most popular searches. So does the man in your life like to play with your feet or toes? Or not? And does he like you to wear high heels in bed? And is it a turnoff for you if he wears socks in bed?

Tell us about whether your feet are involved in your play.



  1. Great question, FD! Although normally Daddy and I aren't too interested in our feet, I should point out that...

    1) We never have sex with socks on.

    2) After my recent collaring, Daddy told me to strip, but wanted me to leave my heels on while he had his way with me.

    I'm excited to read others' experiences...including yours! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. I love to have my feet massaged. Nick is willing to occasionally but doesn't seem all that interested. I hate shoe, especially heels so I'm thrilled he doesn't seem to care about them either. Socks are off for love making - I want everything off of both of us.


  3. Socks during sex just distract me and make me laugh.

  4. Nope. Not a feet person. Dragon rubs my feet when I don’t feel good but that is it. We both like legs. And I notice eyes first.

  5. It doesn't happen very often, but one memorable time Daddy started at my toes and sucked each one. It was very erotic and of course he did other things, too, that night, but you asked about feet, lol!


    P.S. I massage Daddy's feet and put lotion on them, too:)! He works so hard.

  6. My ogre rubs my feet, but usually just in a sweet cozy way..not sexual. He bribes me to stay in the room and watch a movie I don't care for. Or sometimes he just orders me to stay, but rubs my feet so I will stop


  7. Thankfully Chess is not all that interested in my feet... I personally can't stand feet. Mine particularly. It took me years to decide that wearing flip flops is okay and not everyone is looking at my feet all the time, even still I prefer to cover them up. I think other people have pretty feet, but looking is as far as I'll go. I do not touch peoples feet.

  8. I give Daddy a pedicure Almost everytime he is home. It isn't a sexual thing for me but an act of service and love. I, on the other hand, pay good money for mine :(

  9. Hubby rubs my feet on a regular basis, but he is not a foot person. He isn't into the whole 'heels' thing either, and doesn't like when I wear them at all..

    The socks are my thing. I absolutely can not sleep with them on, and I certainly won't be having sex with them on!


  10. My Queen loves to have her feet rubbed and we have a ritual that I rub them when we watch Desperate Housewives. Foot rubbing usually leads to sex play. I wouldn't say that I am a "foot person" but I do think she has attractive feet.

  11. Oh dear a man wearing socks when love making would be a real turn off.


  12. I've known one foot/shoe dom and still have a closet of verrrrry high black heels.

    Sir doesn't care one way or the other about my feet or his..although I've been made to lick his toes now and then.
    In Winter when I wear knee socks under my tall boots, he has been known to let me leave them on.. there is something about that look that he rather likes. [and my feet stay nice and warm~~]

  13. oh gods!! Feet are huge factors in Master's play...He loves to tickle-torture my feet, pinning me with His body and making me writhe with the torment.

    and in bed, on one of our playdays (we are not a 24/7 couple)...heels on, all the time.


  14. i love nothing more than kissing a Master's feet, but i really hate when guys wear socks in bed or when making love, a complete turn off for me.

    blossom x

  15. My man hasn't said a thing about my feet or his. I'm not wearing heels when he arrives, so don't know if he'd want me to leave them on. I'll have to wear them sometime and find out.

  16. My man loves my feet. He gives me foot massages, and puts lotion on them. (I do the same for him) When we make love he will always work in a little foot kissing, or toe sucking! But before me, he never really paid any attention. When he found out I liked it, it turned him on to do it. I am the one who is into looking at people's feet. If you're barefoot, I'm staring! LOL