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Lisa's Training Chapter 12

Your comments on Kitty's post and on mine when I linked to the stories were so flattering that I felt I had to write another chapter. I just hope I can keep living up to your expectations. I am still surprised at the positive reaction because I haven't done erotic writing in the past.

If you read any of the previous 11 stories on my previous post or Kitty's latest post (, you know that Lisa is a smart driven professional woman who is a submissive in her personal life and is finally exploring her submissive side with her new Master. So here goes:

Lisa's Training Chapter 12

It was one of those picture perfect fall afternoons with the leaves turning and Lisa loved those beautiful fall days.

She loved sleeping in on Saturday mornings in cool weather with the windows open and felt very refreshed. She got up and went to the computer naked as her Master required and sat on the piece of sandpaper and write her morning email to him. She was required to check in with him in the morning, but it was now something she wanted to do. Her day didn't seem right without letting him know how she felt and what she was thinking.

She used to keep her emotions bottled up, but he had worked on her sharing her inner most thoughts with him. She then took a shower and loved the feeling of the warm water spraying on her body. She would have loved to put her hands between her legs and rub her clit, but she was only allowed to rub with his permission and she wouldn't feel comfortable rubbing without permission. She always wanted to please his master.

She did enjoy washing her unshaved armpits. It seemed strange when he first told her not to shave her pits, but now she loved doing that for him because she felt like it was his mark on her and she so loved making him happy.

She was having breakfast when her phone rang and her pussy twitched when she saw it was his number. It always did. She always loved hearing from him. She wanted to serve him and give him what he wanted.

He told her it was too nice a day to waste inside and that they were going to go to a secluded park they both loved to spend the day. Of course, he always told her what they were going to do. He made all the decisions in their relationship. She called the shots on her job but she loved following his lead in their relationship.

He told her to go to the deli to get a picnic lunch and they would eat near the pond and feed the ducks some crumbs. He said he'd pick her up in an hour and to wear panties, slacks and a weatshirt with no bra. He liked easy access to her tits and she liked him to have that easy access.

Her Master arrived right on time and she melted when she opened the door. She loved his looks and his scent and he pulled her tight and gave her a sensuous kiss and slid his hands under her sweatshirt and rubbed her tits. She loved that. And then he slid his hands inside her panties and found she was already wet. Just seeing him still made her wet. He got his fingers wet and then sucked on them. She loved that he so enjoyed tasting her juices. And then he reached inside her panties for more juices and had her suck them off his fingers. Oh, she also liked her own juices but was now only allowed to taste with his permission. She was thinking this had the makings of a wonderful day.

He opened the door to the car and when she sat down, he told her to pull her panties and slacks to her thighs. He loved her sitting in the car on her naked butt. The next thing she knew he was putting his hands between her leg and sliding something in her pussy. When she felt the buzzing she knew it was the remote controlled silver vibrating bullet and he had the remote. Oh, this day was looking even better.

As he drove to the park, he buzzed her every few minutes and she was getting so turned on. And then he would reach over and rub her clit as she leaned back in the seat with her legs spread and eyes closed and moaned. Oh, she loved him doing that to her.

She was brought back to reality when they arrived at the pond and parked. He said let's go for a walk before we have lunch. She loved walking hand in hand with him as he buzzed the vibe from time to time and pulled her close to him for a sweet kiss now and then. Oh, Lisa was getting so wet. She could feel her thighs and her panties were damp. She felt so good knowing that he wanted her and that she wanted to give herself to him and she wanted him to take what he wanted. She wanted him to use her body for his pleasure.

And then he veered them towards a secluded area filled with trees that wasn't easy to see from the main walk as the leaves crunched under their feet. And then he pointed to a big true and told her to stand with her hands outstretched against it with his legs spread. And then he pulled down her slacks and panties to her knees and her sweatshirt up to her navel. His ass and pussy were naked and she was so embarrassed being this way in public and hoping that nobody would come by. But she obeyed. She always obeyed. And she was getting wetter. She could feel her juices dripping on her thighs. And he put his hands between her legs and said, "Oh, what do we have here?'' He loved getting her wet. He knew she wanted what was coming even if she was embarrassed to be in public.

He then took a blindfold out of her pocket and blindfolded her. He wanted her to concentrate on what was coming. When she heard the sound of a branch cracking, she had a pretty good idea that he was going to use it as a cane.

He just said one word, "count.'' She knew what was expected. She was to count out the number of blows he delivered. As the first one cracked into her ass, she gasped and said, "One Master.'' Oh, that branch hurt. She knew that was going to be quite a spanking. And he kept it up. Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty.. Fifty. She kept counting but she cried out after each one. And he was buzzing her pussy at the same time. The sensation of the buzzing and the blows was making her so wet. She was gushing as her juices ran down her thighs. But she was crying, too. She wanted to make him happy, but he was pushing her limits. She was having trouble standing up. Her ass felt raw.

And he finally stopped and waited as she gathered herself. Her ass felt like it was on fire. Yet she was so wet. She knew she wanted to take the beating for him. She wanted to please him and be a good slave her him. And then he moved close to her and dried her tears and gave her a big kiss and she felt so good knowing she had made him happy. And then he tenderly rubbed her bottom.

He then told her to get on her hands and knees and she felt lube being inserted in her ass. She knew she was going to get an ass fucking. And with the vibe buzzing, he slowed pushed his cock into her ass and slammed it in and then started fucking her in and out, in and out. Oh, she felt so filled with the vibe in her pussy and the cock in her ass and she was panting and moaning and begging, "Oh, please, Master, will you let me cum. I want to cum for you. Let me cum Master.'' And he told her to keep begging. "Oh, please, Master, I need a cum, please let me cum, I want to cum for you.''

And then she said, "Cum for me.'' And she exploded in an orgasm that went through her body and made her gush. Oh, she loved what he did to her. She loved the way he took her body.

He then had her clean his cock with her mouth and she loved that.

And then he was very tender as he rubbed her back and cuddled with her in the leaves. Oh, she loved the way he cuddled with her and whispered in her ear, "You belong to me. You belong to me. You belong to me.''

She felt so content as they cuddled together and he wrapped his arms around her and then he finally got up and gave her a big hug and the walked hand in hand back to the car and got the picnic lunch.

And then they sat eating and tossing scraps to the ducks. It was the end of a perfect afternoon. Anybody seeing them would think they were just another vanilla couple enjoying a day in the park. Little did they know her thighs were sticky with her juices and his cum.
Little did they know that he had taken her once again and that she had loved serving him.

Little did they know.

--The End--


  1. thank you so that last sentence! Now.....where is the next chapter?? abby

  2. I'm unhappy with this chapter....NOT! It was great! And I'm with abby, I want more, more, more!!!


  3. Thank you for continuing the series. Very nice :)

    Take care. Sky

  4. About time you got on with it! This almost seemed to end it? Will you continue with this series or begin another. You'll notice I didn't give any other options.


  5. Great chapter, I hope there will be more. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Hey FD. Thanks for the another chapter, enjoyed it.

    I was thinking the same as PK, is this the last one of Lisa or will we hear more from her?


  10. Hi FD,
    I came across Lisa's Stories on Kitty's blog and have really enjoyed them; although, I almost hyperventilated when I got to the cage because I have claustophobia.
    I have some questions and this is a rare opportunity for me to be able to ask the author.
    I realize this is fiction but I'm curious; is it really possible to tie yourself up and to tie a hand to the bedpost? I wanted to try it; but, like Lisa I live in a condo and I didn't have a rope or clothes pins (or sandpaper either.)I was amazed Lisa had these things; I can't even remember the last time I saw clothes pins.
    I went to a couple of my neighbors to see if they had a rope, clothes pins and sandpaper (I wanted to know what it felt like to sit on it.) The first one asked if I realized I lived in a condo. The second one asked me why in the world would I need these items. I told her I was on a scavenger hunt. I asked one of the maintenance men and he had a rope and sandpaper but no clothes pins. He offered to help me with whatever I needed done. I told him I was working on a little craft project and he looked at me strangely. I tried following the instuctions from your story and I couldn't tie myself up like that. I lie down naked with the rope around my body trying to tie my hand to the bedpost which I couldn't do. I didn't realize how long I had been working on my experiment until I heard my husband ask "what the hell; have you been reading Dan Savage again?" I said no, I found someone new; his name is Florida Dom. He sighed and said he needed a drink.
    Please tell me; is it easy to tie yourself
    up and to tie your wrist to the headboard?
    I was pretty impressed that not only could Lisa tie herself up and attach the clothes pins in 30 minutes; but, she also had these items.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks so much.

  11. Sweetpea49,
    If I can pop in here. Yes you can tie yourself up. Geeze, I hadn't thought about this in years. I used to use old panty hose. Cut off a let and tie it to a bed post then make a slip knot in the other end slip one hand or two. You feel tied up, you can pull against it but if you're alone you can slip out of it when you need to.


  12. Thanks to all of you for all your kind comments about my latest chapter. If not for your positive feedback, I never would have written 12 chapters. In fact, when PK convinced me to write the first one, I didn't expect to do a second one until I got the good feedback.

    And I will try to write another one fairly soon. And PK and Ronnie, I still have plans for more Lisa chapter although I have thought about starting a new series. And one blogger who called herself a hopeless romantic said she would like Lisa to get married. I haven't thought that far in advance.

    And Sweetpea, PK beat me to the punch in explaining how to tie yourself with a slip knot. And far as getting clothes pins, sandpaper and rope, I would think a hardware store or a place like Loew's or Home Depot would be a good place to start. Or you can order clamps on the Internet.

    And if you want to try something else, Sweatpea. Buy a pair of handcuffs on the Internet and take the key and put it in a class of water and then freeze it. And then lock your wrist to the bedpost and you have to wait until the water melts to get the key and unlock yourself with your other hand. Might be a good idea to have a second key in your bed as a backup. And Sweatpea, I clicked on your name and there weren't any entries on your Live Journal blog. I was curious whether your husband likes to indulge your fantasies or doesn't want to be bothered the way he said he was going to get a drink. Anyway, thanks for your interest.


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