Friday, October 21, 2011

Who You Are

At the bottom is a link to a fascinating NY Times column about a new book called "Thinking, Fast and Slow.''

The writer of the column says the research in this book will be remembered hundreds of years from now.

It says all humans share similar sets of biases. There is such a thing as universal human nature. And we have much less control over ourselves than we thought. And they say if you are studying something, work with people you disagree with. That's a hard one.

It also says people will guy more soup if a sign says Limit 12 to a customer.

And Israeli parole boards grant parole 35 per cent of the time except in the hour just after mealtime. Then it is 65 per cent.

Pro golfers putt more accurately when they are putting for par than for a birdie. They fear the bogey more than they desire the birdie.

It sounds a bit heavy but I guess you click on the link and see for yourself. And the book is likely to be worth reading.

Here's the link:



  1. Thanks for the link, Florida Dom. It definitely looks like an interesting book.

    Take care. Sky

  2. Hey FD, very interesting, thanks for the link. Not sure if I'd buy the book.