Saturday, October 29, 2011


Having sex during your period may not be a taboo subject but it isn't discussed that frequently. I was reminded of that when Kitty did a post on the subject. Here's the link:

Are there other bloggers out there who want to share their thoughts and experiences
on the subject?



  1. I feel like I'm a let down - but yeah -- I've done it -- but IMO? Too wet.

    so not all that enjoyable for me.

    Was there a rush from the taboo?

    not for us -- but perhaps the ook factor extinguished any thrill from breaking taboos.


    I'm free of the curse-- and won't get to break any more taboos of that sort


  2. Yes I have done it. With a diaphragm there is no difference as the blood flow is halted. Without it is fairly unpleasant as blood has a different viscosity and is sticky so that friction burns can occur. There is also the issue of scent as blood has its own meaty fragrance, it takes some confidence to accept that the male partner is not turned off by this. I will be very happy when I finally make it beyond the menopause and am free of the curse so that it never has to be considered when arranging a sexual congress.

  3. FD,

    Thanks for highlighting my blog post about period sex...for myself, I think it's all in one's attitude. Since Daddy doesn't mind my blood then that makes me feel very desirable so I'm able to relax and enjoy myself.

    Personally, it doesn't bother me and I don't get friction burns, either. I still can get very aroused and as a consequence very wet, not just from blood. Yes, it's messy, but if you're doing it right, sex is messy anyway;)!


  4. FD,

    From a submissive male's perspective, I've been made to go down on my dominant wife many times while she is having her period. Obviously it's her call and I do as I'm told. It doesn't happen every time she has her period, but if she feels like it, I do it. She tells me the orgasms are very intense.