Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mom's Worst Nightmare

Have you heard about this 41-year-old teacher who left his family to be with an 18-year-old student. Can you imagine how her mother must feel. He is claiming they didn't do anything before she was 18 and the age of consent. But a 41-year-old with an 18-year old? You can imagine how jupset her mother was feel.
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  1. Wow! I feel really sorry for the wife and children left behind when the man left home, as well as the mother of the daughter.

    The man is only thinking of himself.


  2. Thankfully, I can't imagine how upset her mother must feel.

    Too bad there isn't something harsher than just loosing your job for the man.

    What a mess!

  3. His wife and kids. Her mother and father. WOW. And to think I was upset when my 18 yo was dating a 27yo.

  4. I can't imagine coping with this situation. Imagine the trauma of his kids in the school system, one in the same school. Unbelievable.

  5. Florida Dom,
    To say I felt great disdain while reading that article would be an understatement. I am aware that there are people who see no wrong for someone who is 18 to fall in love with someone who is 41. There are those who feel one can not fight who they love and that people should be allowed to love whomever they wish.

    I am _not_ one of those people.

    A teacher is a person of authority so, if we are to "believe" these two individuals did not engage in an intimate relationship (emotional or physical), it is still illegal. More than that, for me at least, it is unethical, immoral and down right disturbing.

    Children and adolescents should be protected by predators and although I am very aware there are some young individuals who actually do the hunting, it is the responsibility of the adult to ensure nothing takes place.

    I feel compassion for the wife, the children and the mother and yes even the young lady. I do not consider her exempt from responsibilities of her actions, she is still accountable for her own choices. However, he is the adult, he is the one who should have had more control.

    Personally I do not understand what a grown adult can see in a child and yes, contrary to what so many would say, 18 is still a child. I was a child at 18 - I knew it then and I know it now. What on earth would someone who is 41 years old possibly have in common? Two very different world.

    Now is it possible? Is it possible for two people who are separated by that great of an age and life experience actually be in love and make it? Of course it is possible. Possible does not make it right though.

    This case is merely just another example of selfishness, greed and a lust that controls all sense of what is healthy and what is not.

    Very sad.

  6. Kitty: No doubt he is only thinking of himself.

    nancy: Yes, a real mess.

    Dragon'sRose: I can understand you being upset when your 18 year old dating a 27 year old.

    sin: One word says it all.

    sunnygirl: yes, unbelieveable.

    goodgirl: Yes, children should be protected from predators.


  7. It is wrong and unfortunately an all too common story. It always makes me wonder at a mans level of selfworth if at this age he seems to only have the confidence to hunt for a girl who knows no better.

    Is he so low on self esteem that he is flattered into hurting his children and wife in this way. One wonders also how he might feel as a father if his daughter who is the same age, were hunted buy a man more than twice her age? I suspect he would not approve.

  8. ps 'hunted by a man more than twice her age..." to clarify..when the girl is a child.

  9. LittleOne: You made good points in both posts. Especially on how he would feel if his daughter were doing the same thing.


  10. I think what makes it so wrong is his position as a teacher, this is a position of trust and responsibilty and as an adult he should know better.

    The age gap is huge but its not so much the age gap that would concern me its the other circumstances ie that he is a teacher and he has a family...this is about what is morally right.

    Will it last? its a high probibility it wont but you cant put an old head on young shoulders and this young girl cant see any further than her infatuation.....and he as a teacher is abusing his a man he is letting his ego and his dick rule his common sense.


  11. pains: Yes, he is abusing his position as a teacher.


  12. My youngest sister kept her relationship with a man 16 years older than her a secret for four years until she was 20 due to the fears of how society would view it. They have now been happily married for 12 years and they have a very strong bond between them.

    After over coming their surprise my parents have come to love this son-in-law more than any other, perhaps because he already had some maturity that they could connect with.