Thursday, March 15, 2012

Should TV Shows Depict 17 year olds having Sex?

What do you think about TV shows depicting 17 year olds having sex?
Here is the link?


  1. OK, I've just got to say . . . huh? Teens have been having sex on TV at least since I was a teen myself. At least going back to 1978 when I started watching soaps. When did it become a big deal?

    When I was 16, and started watching soap operas every day, Laura was 16, (as was the actress) and in love with Scotty, who she married, but before Scotty, she was having an affair with David Hamilton, and of course, Laura is most famous for marrying Luke, when she was all of, I think 18? but both Scotty and David Hamilton happened by the time she was 16.

    All the 90210 characters, 20 years ago, were having sex, except Tori Spelling's character, and the show started out with them as 15 years old.

    All the characters on Vampire Diaries are in high school, still, after three seasons, and are all having sex. What makes that show annoying is that parents don't seem to exist, and they're having sex like it's no big deal and they've been doing it for years. They also all drink alcohol, as if that's no big deal, and again, no parents seem to be around to give a hoot.

    There's no TV show I watch or have watched during most of my life where teens aren't/weren't having sex.

  2. a.) I hate the tone used in that particular article. It's highly insulting to me as a parent and as a younger person.

    b.) I have no real issues with the sex at 17 thing. I had sex -much- younger. A lot of sex, even. No, it's not ideal, and I got fed up with the articles tone before finding out the important bits of information, like is the show mentioning contraception and if it was presented as a free choice act rather than a pressured one. Hell, 17's legal where in my state (age of consent is 16). Since we're talking about a TV show, I'm assuming it isn't crossing into all out porn territory, so really, I don't even see the big deal.

    No, not 'all kids' have sex. Or want to. Or even consider it. But some do, and it's really NOT the end of the world for it to be mentioned on a show. For that matter, I'm pretty sure I've seen documentaries that go into great detail on child prostitution with girls as young as 11. Oh, that's real life and just to depressing to bitch about, I guess.

    I'm shutting up now, I promise. :)

  3. Given the whole premise of the show and the topics addressed and played out, why would it surprise you that teen sex would be depicted?

  4. I've never watched the show, but it doesn't seem to be setting a good example for young girls, what with high teen pregnancy rates, std's, etc. Although, I'd question the intelligence of anyone that got lifestyle advice from a fictionalized tv show.

  5. Would the show be more interesting if it were to portray the sexless lives of modern youth who are glued to their computer games? I feel sorrow for them that they will be so late in life learning about the joys and pleasures of sex.

    Youth have been having sex for all of time, it is our generation and society that is patholocising it.

  6. Florida Dom,

    "It's an intimate expression of love between two people, not something you do just to feel good."

    That one sentence is what bothered me the most. Yes, I do believe sex is wonderful when people are in love; however, some of the best, most pleasurable sex I ever had was with someone I did not love. Oh I liked him, we had laughs and respect for each other but we did not love each other and I do not have any negative feelings from the pleasure we received.

    I am someone who really thinks people should wait. I do agree that having sex as a teenager can be challenging because emotions do get involved and yes people can become pregnant or worse end up with an infection or disease.

    Avoiding the topic is useless though. It would be like having only married couples on television shows because divorce is not pleasant or hand to talk about. I did not have sex until I was 26, by choice. My very best friend in high school had sex when she was 13. Neither of us is better than the other, we simply experienced things at a different rate.

    Television does impact our lives. We, as a whole, would be foolish if we thought otherwise. With that said I do not believe television should be the parent and if such content does show up it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to speak with the child/children. At the same time though I have to say when it comes to violence on television that does disturb me; acts of hate that seem to go without notice. Perhaps a little more time spent on those such scenes would do a whole lot more.


  7. I can't remember a particular story line but I am pretty sure this is not a new topic. Didn't they have a story line on Facts of Life....I am pretty sure they did. I think its naive to believe the show would introduce this as a new topic to any teens.

  8. We should just pretend that no one under the age of eighteen has sex and then maybe it won't happen!

  9. Didn't like it when I was 17 and now it just make me feel like a perv. I would rather not see children having sex in a movie.

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