Sunday, March 18, 2012

Would You Trade Brains for (Bigger) Breasts?

According to this article, about one-third of young women would trade brains for breasts.

Here's the link:

I think part of the problem is that society sends the wrong message to young women about how obsessed we are about breast size. I like to think women should feel comfortable in their own skin and their own bodies, but our society contributes to them feeling insecure. And I think smart women are very sexy.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Its very similar to women having issues about being blonde, im a natural blonde and have the big tits lol and it was amazing how people and actually mostly other women would make assumptions based on these physical the classic blonde bimbo and i got snide comments made...but im also well educated.

    I started dying my hair darker years ago, but im happy with my breast size, i agree society does place pressure on women to conform to an ideal. Now in my mid 30's im very comfortable with my body and myself in general yes i have bad days who doesnt.

    Breast size isnt important, it might be more for men dependent on their personal preference which is no different than me saying i like tall men for example.

    tori x

  2. I am blessed with both! A nice set of D-cups and an above average I.Q. It does worry me that girls/women value breasts over brains. Nice breasts will get you a man but a good brain will help you keep him. A good brain will also help you find the right kind of man.


  3. Hi FD,

    I've always had small boobs and a big bottom. The media and societal norms suggest that's not OK. It's only been in later in adulthood that I have come to accept my pear-shaped body as it is. Support from my husband was very valuable. At this point, I wouldn't make any exchanges, except perhaps for some younger moving parts!


  4. I have a strong suspicion that the third of the women who would trade their brains for bigger boobs had little brain matter to trade to begin with.

    But like you point out, they are the product of our society.

    Smart is sexy....for both sexes!


  5. No. My breasts are big enough as it is.

    Besides, I am content with what brains I have! ;)


  6. I'll take a boob reduction if i can find some millionaire to pay for it! And a lift too while we are at it.

  7. In US society, it seems to me that women do not start to accept their bodies and get comfortable in their own skin until about 30. The issue is not breast size. It can be weight, skin color, hair, etc. It is difficult being a woman in this way.

  8. I think men trade their brains everyday for bigger breasts.

  9. I would hope that anyone old enough to read your blog would see this as a joke question only.


  10. sunnygirl and abby: I think many women agree with you.

    tori: It's good you are now comfortable with your body.

    Aeon: Liked your line that a good brain will help you find the right kind of man.

    Bonnie: It is good you have accepted your pear shaped body. Looks sexy to me.

    Suzanne: Yes smart is sexy for both sexes.

    sarah thorne: Nice you are content with your breasts and brains.

    Dragon'sRose: Good luck on that millionaire search. LOL.

    Sss: Good point about women not accepting their bodies until they are in their 30s.

    BMan: Good point about men trading their brains for bigger breasts and any chance you will resume your blog?

    PK: Yes, it should be a joke question but not all women treated it that way in the survey.


  11. OMG -- yes -- I would like the reverse trade

    any day

    but my boobs are quite large so if I made the trade I would be an evil genius....


  12. My answer is no. My husband has a PhD in aerospace engineering; so, I need all my brain cells to be able to talk to him about work.
    I don't know if you read it; but, I did answer your question about "Lisa's Story" under your pink slime post.


  13. LOL. No, no exchanges FD.


  14. What STP said. LOL. I could take over the planet!

  15. Kiki: You must have a lot of brain cells to take to him about aerospace engineering. And thanks for your comments about my Lisa series

    Ronnie: Yes, no exchanges.

    Ana: I understand.

    SirsButterscotch: Good line about taking over the planet.


  16. I might trade a few brain cells for some liposuction in strategic places, but I think I'm doing pretty well with my C-cup. :) I sure don't think Husband would agree to that trade though!

  17. Only if I just had to choose one, Brain... Because I'm fine with my tight to the chest breast. I'm Ok with having my breast flesh licked twice as mush as a large one...

  18. subbie: Good that you are doing well with your C cup.

    Poetic Estrus: Nice that you are fine with your tight to the chest breast and you like it being licked.