Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sore nipples

One of my favorite things is having my good girl put pins on her nipples. It seems so simple and takes only 20 minutes or so for them to have their effect. She can cum when they are on. And then there is the rush of pain when she takes them off and then they are sore for a couple of days.

I must admit I love having her nipples sore for me as a reminder of her submission to me and how she likes to serve me and make me happy.

I don't know if many of our bloggers have their nipples pinned or clamped but I thought I would share that it makes me feel very much in control of her. And she seems to enjoy it when she obeys and submits to my control. She likes to SSO -- serve, submit and obey.



  1. Great topic, I have never tried nipple clamps, but would love to try them some time :)

    Guidance for a beginner is appreciated :)

    1. Faerie, the information I found when first researching "toys" for nipple play seemed to indicate that tweezer style clamps are a beginner step into nipple play.

      Here's a site that has different styles of clamps. I only have the tweezer style!

      poured out

  2. Florida Dom,

    I'm like faerie...never have tried it. I would think it would make a difference on what time of the month one's nipples would be clamped. I know, for myself, right before I start my period, my nipples are so sensitive.

    I'm anxious to hear from the ladies that have this done to them frequently.


    P.S. Great topic, as usual:)!

  3. My nipples are so sensitive that the lightest touch has me scrambling to get away. My husband jokes that he can't even breathe on them. Nipple clamps, ACKKK!

  4. Its a love/hate thing and as kitty mentioned when its around the time of the month i really cant handle it well.

    I do like nipple pain its more sharp and focused but yet erotic, it never fails to arouse me, my personal preference is needles, clamps however tend to be more versatile in what you can do with them...zipper effect (great for clothes pins), hang weights etc.

    tori x

  5. Mater enjoys giving me sore nipples, with His fingers or clamps. I am learning to be better about it. I do like the lingering soreness once thye are off. It definaltely keeps my head in a submissive place. abby

  6. My nipples are extremely sensitive. It really depends on my frame of mind I think. Usually right after a spanking is when I get the most pleasure from having my nipples pinched. I had a Dom who used to pinch my nipple between his fingers and pull it forward so that he could spank my breast over and over. My nipple would be sore for days and my breast would be bruised for even longer.

  7. Sir enjoys leaving me with sore.. very sore nipples.
    He uses his fingers or clamps or his teeth.. and every time I am surprised at how much it hurts.
    How could I forget?
    But later in the week when the pain is less, I smile secretly to know they hurt because he wanted me to have that sweet reminder.
    I use clamps or clothespins when I'm alone and having a solitary orgasm.. Sir is generous!

  8. I enjoy wearing nipple clamps every now and then.

  9. Master always begins our sessions by biting my nipples and is very intimate and erotic..when He is satisfied that they are nice and warmed up He puts clothes pins on them...sometimes just one on each nipple...but yesterday He put 4 or 5 on each hurt so good..definately puts me in the right space for more pain/pleasure.

  10. i love wearing clamps and pegs too, and sometimes both at the same time!!, i love how sensitive and hard the nipples are after wearing of them, and the delicious pain when removing them, such a rush...they are a definite reminder..

  11. I'm a little afraid to ask; but, what kind of needles is Tori talking about? I googled it and couldn't find anything.


  12. hi anonymous, i mean medical needles which are commonly used in bdsm practices...sounds a lot more scary than it actually is...honestly lol

  13. Clamps interest me some, but hubby prefers to suck really hard, particularly while stimulating me.This leaves me significantly sore, and feels more personal than clamps or clothes pins!


  14. Yes, ladies, having pins on puts my head so easily in that subby space.

    And, yes, Sir, I love pleasing you.


  15. faerie: Hope you get to try them. As far as guidance for the beginning, poured out suggests tweezer style in her reply.

    poured out: Thanks for sharing the info.

    Kitty: Yes, nipples do seem to get sensitive at that time of the month. If you get to try them,I will be curious to hear your reaction.

    Rogue: WOW. They must be sensitive.

    painspleasure: Nice it never fails to arouse you.

    abby: Nice the lingering soreness keeps your head in a submissive place.

    Apsara: Your frame of mind probably makes a difference.

    Nancy: Nice you like that sweet reminder and that you use them when you are alone.

    trazuredpet: Good that you enjoy them every now and then.

    mountain girl: Good to hear they put you in the right place for more pain/pleasure.

    blossom: Yes, quite a rush when they are removed.

    Kiki: If you google BDSM needle play, you will find a lot of info.

    painspleasure: Yes, using medical needles is common.

    sarah thorne: Sucking hard? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    poured out: My good girl, love putting you in that subby space.

    And thanks to all of you for your input.


  16. We use a variety of clamps and clips all the time. It's about pain and pleasure and power for us.