Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hollywood Lifestyle

The way some of the people in Hollywood live makes you wonder what they are thinking. Here's a story of an actress apologizing for cheating on her boyfriend. And, oh yes, the man she cheated with is married. She didn't apologize to the wife. I wonder how all this gets sorted out. Here's the link:



  1. I had no idea that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a couple in real life. I'm so out of the celebrity gossip loop.

  2. I saw this article on the national news, like I care who the celebrities are sleeping with, geesh. I did find it interesting that the newscaster also pointed out that Kristen Stewart did not apologize to the wife. Why should she apologize to her? She didn't cheat on her, she cheated on Rob Pattinson. If anyone owes the wife an apology it is the husband. It takes two to tango and I highly doubt he was forced to do what he did.

  3. I'd say that a woman who is knowingly having sex with another woman's husband is definitely wronging the wife. I wouldn't expect a public apology though.

    Once upon a time when the ex and I were sharing a computer keyboard talking in a movie fan chatroom, one of the chatters started an online affair with my ex. Yes, it's definitely both of their faults. But that slut from hell went after not only a man she knew was married, but she knew us both from the chat room. I won't even go into the gruesome details of what bad things I wanted to happen to that slut from hell, and still do hope that the wife of the next husband she stole did it.

  4. First of all, stuff like this SHOULD NOT be a public matter. So having said that, this to me reeks of a PR stunt.

    And why do people always blame the "other woman"? I think the fault lies with the HUSBAND who cheated. "She's a slut". She ruined a marriage." No she didn't. The HUSBAND ruined the marriage when he CHOSE to step outside the bounds of matrimony.

    Again - just the way I see things...

  5. Going to agree with Lolli Popp that is pretty much my feelings on the matter, its always the other woman that fares worse off, is the husband incapable of saying "no".


  6. oh dear we do retreat into conventions of fidelity and monogamy easily. Being in a glass house myself I am not going to offer opinions about who should or shouldn't accept culpability in affairs of lust. But it should be recognised that we do indulge ourselves as is evidenced in the blogs on here. Some have to get what they need from others if they cannot get it from their partner.

  7. Florida Dom
    I believe infidelity is as old as prostitution therefore, much to my chagrin, I do not foresee such behaviours ever coming to an end.

    Unlike many people I do believe all parties involved hold are responsible in their own way. There are so many reasons why people are unfaithful and I do believe often the reason is a lack of affection within the union. This does not, in my opinion, give anyone the right to have an affair; however, it does mean that all parties much take accountability for their actions or lack thereof.

    As for the third party, the "other" person whether that person be male or female, I do hold them responsible as well. If person A knows person B is married and still engages in an affair yes, in my eyes they are equally guilty of cheating. If person A has no idea and person B sells him/herself as single then no, I do not hold person A responsible because they do not know.

    If you willingly engage in the destruction of a relationship why shouldn't you be held accountable? In this day and age everyone wants to pass the buck and blame another. I say take a long hard look in the mirror and admit your shortcomings. I do not think you are necessarily an evil person because you have an affair nor do I think you are unworthy of friendship and love. I do though feel one has made a mistake when entering that type of relationship and it would be wise to apologise and move forward; hopefully with a better understanding of themselves and the people they share space with.

    When it comes to affairs all I hear is "he does not love me enough" or "she just does not understand my sexual needs" and so on so forth. These are not excuses to be unfaithful. As extreme as it sounds when I hear such comments all I can think of is that it is not okay to harm someone if they irritate you. I can not legally or morally or ethically go punch someone just because they bug me. If I am unhappy with someone I make the choice to leave, to separate myself or go through proper legal options for help. People take the easy way out far too many times and for me that is not acceptable.

    So, should she have apologised to the wife? Yes. I do believe so. But what I really think she should have done is not have the affair to begin with. Just because someone says they are sorry does not make things better. Also, the media is horrible. People make mistakes and they do not need the world to see them.


  8. My first husband was a serial adulterer. I never blamed any of the women with whom he had an affair, but almost all of them felt the need to harrass me. One woman painted vulgarity in hot pink paint on my front door. Another sent a box of used office supplies (if someone can tell me if that means something, I would love to know.) Another came to my front door and would bang on my door and call me at the same time. And on and on.
    He wasn't having affairs because he wasn't getting it at home, or not getting what he wanted. Ironically, he was very boring and vanilla in bed.
    He was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    Anyway, I didn't want an apology from anyone, I just wanted all of them to leave me alone.


  9. I must admit I didn't know they were a couple but I'm not into celebrity news/gossip.

    So behind reading here FD.

    Love and hugs,

  10. Ugh, in addition to not apologizing to the wife in this scenario, where's HIS apology to HIS wife and to Rob Pattinson? Not to mention her public flagellation, what does that mean? "I really must be sorry since I am apologizing so publicly?" Yeah, pretty sorry all right and not in the contrite meaning of the word.

  11. I gave this union about 4 minutes total so they have greatly exceeded my expectations. And yes, publicity. That wretched movie franchise is over, though I'm sure someone's frantically working on Grandma and Grandpa Vampire, and these two are not being flooded with job offers. I predict "leaked" internet sexcapades but I hope not. Maybe they could "leak" voicemails or self immolate on twitter.

    Sorry to sound so cynical but I was married to an actor. Nuf said?