Friday, July 13, 2012

Tennis addiction

We all have our addictions. Mine in tennis. Love to play. I'm not very good but when I can play guys and gals on my level, the competition is fun and the exercise is good.

I don't get to play as often as I'd like, but had some time off this week and this morning (Friday) I played for the ninth time since 8 a.m. Monday morning. Twice a day Monday through Thursday. And this morning,  I burned about 1350 calories. One of the guys has a monitor and that was his rate so I assume I was about the same. So I am going to splurge and grill a steak and have some egg nog. I put a few quarts of egg nog in the back of the freezer during the holidays because they don't sell them the rest of the year. Every couple of months I take one out. The calories are ridiculous, 190 for half a cup. But I figure I can treat myself after a good workout instead of drinking Vitamin Zero water the way I usually do after playing. 

If you are still reading will add a story. A woman on the next court this morning had a white thing around an inch wide that looked somewhat braided around her neck. The thought crossed my mind was it a collar of some kind but I figured what are the odds of that. And then I noticed she no longer had it on. During a break, I realized she had it around her head under her white visor. It was a head band. Don't know why she started with it around her neck and why she wanted a headband and a visor. It made me think, headbands could do as makeshift collars. I guess I am always thinking about the D/s lifestyle.

Well, time to light the grill. Have a good day and hope it includes a good spanking.



  1. FD,

    I *love* tennis. I love playing it, I love watching it, I love it all. I think it's quite possibly the greatest sport on Earth, but I'm sure that's debatable.

    The summer brings such wonderful tennis to watch, through the crummy weather proved problematic for great play in the French Open. However, that Wimbledon Final was a joy to watch. I'd let Federer paddle me with his racquet any day! Can you imagine the marks his stings would leave? Perhaps you'd find some tennis ball fuzz on my bottom as well!


  2. FD, you do have a one track mind, and no one but you would think there is a tennis collar for subs. Lol.
    I would invite myself over if you were making veggie burgers. Forget the veggie burgers, just make a pitcher of margaritas.
    Hope you have a great weekend filled with tennis.


  3. Love tennis (playing, not necessarily watching), egg nog and steak. What a combo!

    Reminds me, I need to find someone to play (tennis) with again. Missing it.

    Funny about the headband, btw.