Monday, March 18, 2013

Transgender kids

Here's a fascinating story about a six-year-old in a male body knowing that she is really a girl. And she is one of triplets. Interesting how these things happen in nature.

The thrust of the story is that the school won't let her use the girl's bathroom. But what I find interesting is that at six, she knows she is in the wrong body. In the last line of the story, she says they're being mean to her because they say she's a boy and she is a girl. She knows that at such a young age. Here's the link:


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  1. isnt it amazing that one so young knows they are different...feel for the parents it must be difficult for them to know what to do...have heard of parents letting their child have gender reassignment only for the child later to feel they done the wrong thing!!! suppose like any parent you just want your child to be happy and will do anything to ensure their happiness

    blossom x