Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do you like all men or short men or don't you care?

Here is an article on the differences between tall man and short men in determining who they marry.
Your thoughts?


  1. Some of these studies make me ask wtf? Master is shorter than me. I can't can't say it's an issue for either one of us. If the possibility to be together existed, I have the higher education. Though he is in a very powerful position and makes way more than me. Then again, I just started my career.

    In other words, this study is just stupid!

  2. I guess I've always been attracted to men around my own height, ideally or a little taller. When they are too tall I am not quite as attracted, though I'll date them but I'd never make them my life partner, at least I don't think so. I mean someone could certainly come along and change my mind about that I'm sure, if they were special. I tend not to date shorter men. Not sure why except I'm just not attracted to them.

  3. I am far more attracted to men taller than I am. Ideally, I prefer men to be at least a foot taller than me, and to have a broad build. Anyone smaller and I feel like I'll snap them in half when we hug, and that's just awkward for me. I've never dated anyone shorter than me, and anyone close to my height that I've dated, I found myself significantly less attracted to them, in comparison to the ones who were much taller.

  4. Don't care. I had two standards and broke both of them. No military men and no more than 6 mo younger or 5 years older. Dragon is military and almost a full year younger.

    1. Master is so not the type I go for. He is about 2 inches shorter. For some reason it doesn't bother me like others have. Even when I wear 3 inch heels next to Him it doesn't bother me.

      Isn't it weird what makes us go for what we always said we wouldn't?

  5. I don't know about this study, but I definitely prefer men that are taller than I am, and I am tall. I think of it as a personal preference. DH is barely taller than I am, makes way more, although isn't in a position of power, yet.

  6. I'm a bit skeptical about the study, but I have always preferred tall men--my husband is about seven inches taller than me. I'm younger, and earn far less, lol.
    Though I have to say, I find competence to be the most attractive trait in the opposite sex, regardless of height...