Sunday, August 10, 2014

Does size matter to you?

Here's one take on whether size matters:
What do you think?


  1. I want a penis that chokes me and fucks me hard. So, it really isn't about size as it is about how it handles me. I've been with some that have size and didn't know what to really do with it.

    1. "I want a penis that chokes me and fucks me hard." OMG I love this!

    2. It's true! My husband is a tad larger and if I ever wanted to be choked I had to do it. He lays there, like a necrophiliac. That's not fun!

  2. They are all great, no matter what but if I were to settle on one It would be just large enough for me to suck and swallow every lovely inch. Which basically is an average sized cock.

  3. I need something that can fuck me hard enough to feel it. I tend to only register incredibly light tough (like feeling an ant crawl on your hand, which I then proceed to flail from) or intense amounts of force (as the sadist I play with frequently jokes, if he's not afraid of breaking bones, he's not hitting me hard enough) .
    Cocks on the smaller side generally can't make that happen, but I've been with people with average sized junk that I enjoyed. Someone with a larger cock has to be willing to put the force behind it, or I'm still not going to feel much, despite being told my junk is like a vice grip.

    The connection between myself and my partner also helps. It can make someone who was fun to hook up with the first few times absolutely fantastic once a stronger bond is made.

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  5. Sir, your cock is beautiful. But it is the size of your heart that matters most to me.