Saturday, August 30, 2014

Top ten compliments women like to hear

Here's a list of ten compliments a woman likes to hear:
What do you like to hear him say?



  1. "Mine" ... can't get a better compliment than that.

    1. This, or that he is proud of me, and to have me in his life. I actually can't stand comments about being perfect, fitting into dreams, or ideas of God.

  2. I can't either. More than half of those sound like pick up lines. The occasional beautiful compliment is great, especially in the midst of play when society would never depict it as beautiful. My Dom isn't a words man. He is action. There are certain actions (that look, the grunts, the small gestures, etc) that are the best compliments. "Mine" is pretty powerful.

  3. I agree they feel like pickup lines, or trying to get something. Being called beautiful is fine, so long as it doesn't start happening all the time, but it has the most effect either at the end of a hard day, or right out of the shower in the morning. I feel like if it happens during sex or play, we're both too hopped up on pheromones to get that true opinion.

  4. Most of those sound cheesy to me. I think the best compliment I have ever gotten, the one that left me feeling a bit giddy for days, was when someone we had recently begun hanging out with told me I had a slavey graceful way of serving my Master. Heck, it was years ago and still makes me happy.

  5. what utter tosh this article was. I was expecting it to at least be based on a survey - but no. 'You're perfect to me' and 'you're beautiful' were the only one's i anywhere near rated. and most of them were about physicality, absolutely nothing about complimenting a girl's intelligence?! really?!

    I found the 'you make me want to be a father' down right creepy. As a set, these 10 compliments made it clear (to me at least) that the writer only values women for their looks and reproductive abilities. Pah.

    Where were the compliments on kindness or patience or achievements?!