Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bachelor

They started another season of the Bachelor last night and I'm drawn to it like a moth to light. Can't figure out why all these beautiful women are on TV looking for a man especially since very few of these relationships seem to last. But I did only watch the last 15 minutes to see him pass out the roses with 10 being sent home. I can never get over how emotional these women get about losing a guy they barely know.

Well, one of them said she was already thinking about marrying him. And they had just met.

What are these women thinking? I don't get it. But to be fair when they have a bachelorette, the men also act crushed about being sent home.

It must get good ratings because they keep showing new episodes. I guess it's like rubber necking driving past a car accident.

Do you watch or ignore the whole thing? And how about a show for single spankos? Perfect for cable TV, right? LOL



  1. Never seen it but i do agree there should be a spanko show- or a BDSM reality show for sure!!

  2. I've never seen it, either. I'm not sure I really understand the whole thing, especially now that it's obvious that a whole lot of those set up relationships don't last. Why would you want to get involved?

  3. Sometimes I watch a season, sometimes I don't... I didn't realize that the new one started last night. I think the appeal for me is that it all seems very romantic, but it is so far from real life relationship development that no wonder they don't last. I also think a lot of the participants are just interested in being on TV.

  4. I have watched both the bachelor and bachelorette and don't understand either one of them. Don't see what they get out of it

    Hugs Lil Sam

  5. I've never seen any of them. I just can't imagine competing and fighting over a man you don't even know. I don't see getting to know a man, dating or falling in love as a team sport!


  6. I've never seen a single episode, but I have friends that watch it each week and are excited. I just don't see how anyone can really fall in love that way.

    I think they're in love with the idea of being in love or doing it for the attention or whatever fame, or the hopes of their own reality show maybe?

  7. i have watched The Bachelor a couple of times, but i don't make it a point to watch it. i don't think i could find love that way, but that's just me. As far as a spanko reality show, Daddy and i often joke about "sub swap" instead of "Wife Swap" could be fun, don't you think?

  8. I've never seen it, but I have friends and family that LOVE The Bachelor. I did see More to Love when that was on (pretty much The Bachelor but everyone was plus-sized) and it was incredibly addictive. I think it's like a train wreck - something about the desperation and weirdness about all fighting over one guy that they don't even know that well is kind of hilarious. It's just a strange, strange style of show.

    But a "Sub Swap" like Cinderelli mentioned? Excellent!


  9. Viemoira: I agree a reality spanko show would be fun.

    TrueBlue: Yes, it's hard to figure out why they want to get involved.

    Ally: You may have answered TrueBlue's question. The lure of being on TV may be it.

    Lil Sam: All I figure is what Ally said that they love being on TV.

    PK: Good line about falling in love not being a team sport. They call it a reality show but it's far from being reality.

    Mouse: I think the attention and fame and being on TV is the lure.

    Cinderelli and Maggie: Yes, a sub swap should would be interesting.


  10. I don't watch it either... shows like that actually drive me nuts cause there are times I just really want to reach through the screen and slap someone. They stress me out for some reason.

    I don't think they really care about the guy... I think they probably cry over the fact that they're losing their spotlight... their chance at fame and glory. They didn't win... so they're sore about it... or maybe they think of these contests as a measure of their worth. If they don't win or at least come close to winning it means they're worthless and will never find a man.

    Who knows what goes on in these women's minds... I mean, I think if we can answer the question of "Why do women feel the need to surgically alter their bodies?" we might actually understand this.


  11. I agree with Spirited, and I'm glad to find I am not the only one who reacts like that! Those kinds of shows really stress me out too! I don't watch almost any reality shows because they drive me so crazy. Daddy even has to turn off Wife Swap half the time(which he likes to watch, mainly to laugh at the people, I think) because I start getting all snippy and tense! Although... sub swap sounds mighty interesting!

  12. Oh... sub swap... that could be intriguing! Don't know if I'd want to participate, but it would certainly be interesting to watch!


  13. Dont have time to read any of the other comments already written, BUT I am a sucker. I LOVE the bachelor and the bacherlorette. I dont care about any of the crying sobbing or any of that. I am just a true chick flick sucker! The only thing I was gutted about was the last episode of the bachelorette I googled before it went to air and it turned out the woman was already married to another man and it all happened 3 years ago and what I was watching was old news. Pah... But I guess in Australia thats what we get. 3 year old episodes.


    I am a sucker and LOVE them!


  14. I've never understood that show. Even while the women are on dates or having alone time or whatever with the guy, there's a camera joining them and they're aware of it. I don't believe that any of them truly act naturally when they know they're being filmed.

  15. I love that show! It's so stupid, yet so fun to watch! Probably because I write romance novels, this is especially fun for me. But I'd love a show about spankos.

    Happy New Year, FD!

    I want to see more of your fiction!!!

  16. Spirited: Good question of why women think they should surgically alter their bodies. I think society is part of the blame for the expectations put on women.
    And yes, a sub swap, would be fun.

    Butterfly: Sorry to hear they stress you out. And, yes, a sub swap sounds interesting.

    Rosie and Michelle: Sounds like you both like the show. I view the show as a guilty pleasure. and Michelle, I hope to get some new fiction out soon, but you set the bar so high that it's hard to come close to what you do. And yes, a show on spankos would be fun.

    Laur: Yeah, it's hard for people to be real when they're being filmed.