Friday, January 1, 2010

Did You Watch the Ball Fall with Dick Clark?

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you had a great New Year's Eve. We had a quiet one, watching a movie at home and then waiting for midnight to see the ball fall. And, as usual, we watched ABC and Dick Clark.

If you watched, you know that Clark suffered a stroke back in 2004 but continues to have a role on the show even though his speech is impaired and he's in a wheelchair, which he doesn't like to show.

I don't know your feelings and he's gotten some criticism for continuing, but I admire him carrying on. He started 37 years ago and at age 80 seems to be part of the holiday. Last year, ABC got over 17 million viewers, which topped the combined audience on Fox and NBC.

Before he came on, I was watching CNN with comedian Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper and she read what she said was an email asking if Cooper looked at himself in the mirror and pleasured himself. Kind of tacky.

I think I'll stick with Dick Clark and while it's sad that his speech apparently won't improve, it's reassuring to see him still do the show every year.

Your thoughts?



  1. Our family was gathered on the sofa to watch Dick Clark count down to the ball dropping. For us, this year, following the stroke that T's mother suffered in August, watching the indomitable Dick Clark do what He's done for so long in spite of his obvious age and disability, is affirming and reassuring. How refreshing, in a society that worships youth and beauty, to see Mr. Clark be exactly who he is and has been for so many of us for many, many years.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year,even though many miles separated us, My sailor and I watched the ball fall with Dick Clark Very thankful for phone service. I also admire Dick for carrying on. I wish him the best
    Hugs Lil Sam

  3. We watched the ball drop with Dick. I find comfort in seeing him there. I know that currently crudness is all that's popular in comedy. And sometimes it is funny but it can get old at times.


  4. I have actually never watched the ball drop...I wouldn't mind being there while it happened, but I find sitting in front of the TV boring lol. I can't understand why people would criticize Dick Clark for continuing to help ring in the New Year. I guess this is just another example of the way that our society privledges youth and beauty and has no qualms about tyring to hide the elderly, infirm or disabled in the background.

  5. Happy New Year FD! We watched the ball drop, at home, with our kids and a bottle of Champagne as we have for many years. I love that Dick Clark has the courage to keep going!

  6. Well, I fell asleep in my chair before Dick Clark did his thing. But I applaud him for continuing his tradition. Not everyone is gutsy enough to keep going.

  7. Dick, ball... (see here I go again!) Maybe I'll fill in for tacky Kathy next year!

  8. Yes, we watched the ball drop with Dick, but we both shuddered to look at him. It was painful to see him like that. He really needs to retire. It's too late to do it gracefully, but enough is enough. We both remember the good times on American Bandstand.


  9. FD-A belated Happy New Year! With 55 hours of work in 5 days for two weeks in a row, I'm asleep every minute I'm not at work! I hope you have a great year.


  10. FD-This is the first year since I was a kid I didn't watch the ball. I watched it the next day on the internet...LOL.
    Happy belated New Years.

  11. well as someone living in Melbourne, Australia, we got our New Year before you.. Here it was thunder and lightning and 38degrees celsius so a hot night.. we had some people over, and spent the evening in the backyard, under a tarp (or not under it depending on choice) eating barbecue and watching the fireworks display from the city.

  12. We flicked back and forth between that and other shows- i am with you on the admiration.

  13. Swan: A Happy New Year to you and yours too and I can imagine you'd feel empathy because of the stroke T's mother suffered. I hope she's doing well.

    Lil Sam: How nice that you and sailor could ring in the New Year together by phone.

    PK: Yes, it was comforting to see Clark carry on. And, yes, some of that so-called humor is so crude.

    TrueBlue: It's nice to see a member of the younger generation being concerned about the elderly, infirmed or disabled.

    Sara: Yes, Dick Clark and New Year's is a tradition and it's nice to see him carry on.

    Mick: Yeah, it can be hard to stay up till midnight, but it is impressive Clark keeps going.

    KayLynn: I'm sure you'd be funnier than she was.

    Hermione: You appear to be in the minority but I respect your opinion.

    Lash: Happy New Year to you and Meow and I hope you don't have to keep working such long hours.

    Katia: How Hi Tech to watch it on the Internet.

    Anon: Don't be shy about posting. And how so different to be celebrating the New Year in the summertime.

    Viemoira: Yes, you have to admire him for carrying on.

    Thanks to all you posted and I hope you have a good New Year.