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Lisa's Training Chapter 9

I know it's been a long time since I updated my Training Lisa series about a hard-charging woman executive who's a tiger in the boardroom, but a kitten in the bedroom who's been trained by her Sir to be a submissive. When we last left the story, she was preparing for her first public date with her Sir. Up to now, she had been blindfolded during all their sessions. He wanted to make sure she wanted the lifestyle before he revealed himself to her.

For this first date of sorts, he told her to dress in a sleeveless black dress so it was obvious she wasn't allowed to shave her pits. That was his mark on her. And he had her insert a butt plug coated with Ben Gay that burned her ass. After he arrived he asked her if she was ready to be collared and accept him as her Master and she was to be his slave. She was thrilled he wanted her to be his slave and quickly accepted and he put a necklace from Tiffany's around her neck as a collar she could wear in public along with and a bracelet engraved, "Slave Lisa,''' on her wrist. As we pick up the story of her training, they are ready to leave on their date for a dinner at the best restaurant in town. Hope you enjoy the story. And I hope you give me some feedback on whether you like it. It may be too intense for some spankos, but I still hope you will enjoy it. And the first eight chapters can be found in my archives from last year.

Lisa's Training Chapter 9

Lisa was almost lightheaded as they walked to his limo that was going to take them to the restaurant. She was such a jumble of emotions. Her ass was still burning from the butt plug and yet her thong was soaking wet because she was so thrilled to be wearing His collar, a sign she had accepted her status as His slave.

She knew there would be times when He would push her to her limits in pain and humiliation. She knew there were times when her mind would say no, but her body would betray her because she would be so wet that her juices would be dripping down her thighs the way they were now. She knew she wanted to be His slave.

As the driver opened the back door and she slid in, she saw the smirk on the driver's face as he looked down her dress and feasted his eyes on her delicious tits. Her Master had ordered her to get a low cut dress that showed off her cleavage without a bra. She knew she had great looking tits. but she felt embarrassed to be showing them off. In her office, she only wore tailored suits that didn't show off her feminine charms. She didn't want to be accused of using her sex appeal to get ahead. She wanted to get ahead on her ability. But even though it was difficult for her to show off her tits, she did it willingly because she knew it pleased Him and she wanted Him to be proud of her.

As she got into the limo, her Master went around and got in the other side. After the driver closed the door, he told her to lift her dress to her waist and to lift her butt off the seat. She was puzzled and started to question Him, but she knew that wasn't allowed. She obeyed. He then took a piece of sandpaper out of his jacket and put it on her seat and told her to sit her butt on it. He made her sit on sandpaper when she was at her computer and so she was accustomed to it. It was scratchy on her ass. She never liked having to do it, but then she knew that obeying made Him happy and it made her wet.

After she sat down on the sandpaper, she started to smooth out her dress, but He commanded her in a stern voice to keep it bunched around her waist. She knew she was giving the driver a good look at her pussy covered only by her thin thong and she was embarrassed. She had no trouble doing whatever He asked when they were alone, but doing it front of other people wasn't easy. But she knew that was the point. Serving Him wasn't going to be easy, but she wanted to do it. He had brought out her submissive side and she wanted to serve Him.

He then put his hand on her pussy, moved aside the thin thong and started rubbing her. She was stunned. She knew the driver could see him playing with her pussy. Her face was getting red and she clamped her legs together. She immediately knew she made a mistake as he sternly said, "spread your legs, slave.'' She was too slow to start doing it and He added, "You want to be my slave, don't you, slut?" She said, "Yes, Master" as she slowly opened her legs. He told her she would be punished for trying to clamp her legs. He then inserted two fingers into her and removed them coated with her juices. He put them to her mouth and told her to suck her own juices off. "See, slave, your body wants this, doesn't it?" She shook her head yes. She was so stunned at what He was doing to her in front of the driver that she could only shake her head. But she knew her body wanted it. He then continued to rub her clit as she leaned back in the seat and started to moan. She no longer cared the driver was seeing him play with her pussy. She wanted it too much. As he continued, she said, "Harder,'' but he frustrated her by removing his fingers. He wasn't going to allow her an orgasm. And it became a moot point as the limo pulled up to the restaurant. She tried to get her breathing back to normal because she knew the driver would be opening the door soon. She wanted to pull down her dress but she knew He wouldn't allow that. So she was flushed as the driver opened the door and gazed at her wet pussy.

She couldn't believe what she was doing. She was the prim and proper executive and yet she was a sex slave in His hands. She was embarrassed, but she couldn't control herself at the same time. The juices spilling on the sandpaper betrayed her. She finally got herself together and stepped out of the limo as her dress fell to cover her pussy. The driver was still able to look down her dress and check out her tits.

Meanwhile, she was fighting to keep her composure as she took her Master's arm as they walked to the restaurant. She finally had stopped panting, but she felt like she was still flushed. She wondered if the waiter would be able to smell her sex. As they entered, it was obvious He was well known. They were immediately taken to the best table. She wondered how many women He had taken here before but she didn't care. She wanted to be His slave.

After she sat down, the ritual began again. He again told her to lift her butt off the chair and He put the piece of sandpaper down. Her ass still had the butt plug in it. A constant reminder that she was His slave. His dress was bunched up, but the table covered it. He then moved Hiss hand under the table again and started rubbing her pussy again. Oh, no, she thought. Would He make her cum in public? But He stopped just when she started to pant again. And then the waiter came over and he ordered the best wine in the house. He told her they were going to have a toast to her slave status. That made her feel so good. She knew she wanted to serve Him even when He pushed her to her limits.

But He then told her one more thing. When the waiter poured the wine, He wanted her to lift her arms and pretend she was fixing her hair. Her first reaction was to say please, don't make me do that. She would be humiliated when the waiter saw her pits weren't shaved. He simply said in a low voice, who are you. She was resigned. She said he was His slave. She knew she had to obey. So when the waiter returned, her arms were up and the waiter could see the hair in her pits. Her face was red. But her cunt was wet. The humiliation turned her on. She couldn't help it. And the waiter was discreet but she knew he noticed. He had a slight smile on his face.

Her Master then proposed the toast to her slave status and she once again felt so good she was serving Him.

After they ordered their dinner, the waiter poured them another glass of wine and He quietly told her she would have to be punished for questioning Him when He told her to raise her arms. She was resigned and said, "Yes, Master.''

He then told her she had to perform one more task before they had their meal. He pointed to a man dining alone in the back of the restaurant. He told her to go to his table, tell him she was a collared slave and was dining with her Master. Tell him her Master told her to show him her tits if he desired. And since she wasn't wearing a bra and had a low cut dress, it would be easy for her to pull them out of the top of his dress. She was keep them exposed until he said thank you.

She just shook her head. He was going too far. Exposing herself in public. He couldn't expect her to do that. She was an executive. But as she shook her head He just kept staring at her. He said each time I have to tell you what you're supposed to do and you don't do it immediately, there will be more punishment. He asked her if she understood. She was speechless. She still couldn't believe it. But as she gathered her wits about her, she knew she had no choice. She was His slave. She was to serve Him. She slowly said she would do it, but she didn't move. He replied that He didn't want her to make Him wait. She tried to get out of her chair but her legs were like spaghetti. She still couldn't believe He wanted her to do this but she was prepared to do it.

As she got out of her chair, she walked very slowly. She still didn't know if she could do it until she got to his table. She just looked at him until he said do we know each other. She said no and then hesitated and finally told him she was a collared slave and her Master wanted her to show her tits. She asked if he wanted to see them. She was still stunned she was asking a complete stranger. What she didn't know is that the man was a good friend of her Master's. He replied that if her Master wanted her to show them, he would be happy to see them.

She was now at the point of no return. She hesitated and finally reached her hands inside her dress, cupped her tits and exposed them. He sat looking at them as if he were studying a fine painting. For her, it seemed like he was taking hours even though it was only a few seconds until he said thank you. She quickly dropped them back into her dress, said thank you for your trouble and quickly walked back to her seat. She hoped no one in the restaurant noticed.

As she sat back in her seat, her Master told her to keep her legs spread. He discreetly put two fingers into her pussy, coasted them with her juices and then told her to lick them off. She did it quickly, hoping nobody was noticed. She knew how wet she was. She knew that her body again wanted to serve Him even if her mind didn't. She knew exposing herself made her even more wet.

As the waiter brought their orders, they enjoyed a delicious dinner. He was the perfect gentlemen. She was thrilled to be with Him. He was so easy to talk to. But there was an elephant at the table. She wondered what else He was going to ask her to do. She knew she was going to find out. The juices dripping on her thighs told her that she wanted to please Him. What she didn't know is how he would want her to please Him next.

As she was eating dessert and thinking about all this, she was stunned to see the stranger stopping at her table. He shook hands with her Master and talked to Him as if she wasn't even at the table. He congratulated her Master of having such an obedient slave with such good tits. She was startled when her Master said, "Would you like to see them again?''

"Not again,'' she blurted out before she realized she had made a mistake. Her Master gave her a nasty look. She felt so ashamed. She had let down her Master, who told her she knew what she was supposed to do. This was so hard for her, but she knew she had to please her Master. She once again displayed her tits to the stranger. He smiled and said, "thank you'' and she quickly put them back in her dress. She was startled again when she heard her Master tell the stranger that she still obviously needed more training and then asked him if he would like to give her a spanking to remind her that she needed to obey.

"My pleasure,'' he said with a big smile. She tried to keep smiling. but she was struggling to keep her composure. She wanted to submit to her Master, but it was so difficult to submit to a stranger. Still, she knew she had to please Him and if He wanted the stranger to punish her, she knew she had to accept.

She wondered what else He had planned for her. She knew she would find out soon.

The End

I hope you enjoyed the latest chapter and let me know if you would like to read more of them.



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    You are the consummate Tease! You know your audience and yet you stop there! Cruel... and yet I'm writing this to the man who has Lisa all in knots - so I'm not exactly painting a new message on the billboard! OK, so PMSing.. I think I'm done now... Just lie and tell me you've written ch 10 damn it!

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    Awesome chapter. Very intriguing, very cruel to leave off where you did. Don't make us wait too long for chapter 10.

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    Janet: As I told KayLynn, the tease wasn't intentional, but I enjoy having the readers say they want to come back for more. I was worried it was getting a bit long. And hope to write No. 10 soon.

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    Kitten: Yes, I remember you emailing and it helped make me believe the readers enjoyed the stories.

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