Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have you had your first spanking of the New Year?

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, I thought I'd pose a couple of questions.

During the holiday season when so much is going on, do you get fewer spankings and do you miss them or are you too busy anyway?

And have you had your first spanking of the new year? If not, are you getting frustrated?

Your thoughts?



  1. Short and simple:
    (The trials of operating in low gear...)

  2. Since I haven't had a spanking since August - I am more than a little frustrated. Frustrated doesn't even explain it at this point...I'm climbing the walls.

  3. Yes! I'm beginning to think the bruises are permanent.


  4. Groans.....did you HAVE to post this today?

    HWMBA and I live a few hours drive apart. We each have family commitments. Despite that, we have always managed to see each other pretty regularly. A combination of a new family member, another family celebration, the run up to Christmas being the busiest time of the year for us both business wise, and now the snow has meant somewhat of a 'hiatus' in our time togthether.

    We both commented on how well I'd coped with that last week. You know what they say about never voicing No sooner had we had that conversation than it snowed! With no sign of a thaw, and more forecast, HWMBA has one SERIOUSLY frustrated slave here!!!


    love and hugs xxx

  5. I didn't have any spankings over the holiday season, but I was more disappointed about not being able to see my Master. I was at the point where I wouldn't have cared if he laid a hand on me as long as I got to see him lol. Fortunately, that drought has now passed. :)

  6. Fewer spankings during the holidays and yes I missed them terribly!

    And I have had spankings this year...and have a few nice bruises, but hoping to add more. :-)


  7. FD - the holiday schedule disruption definately derails the regular spanking schedule. However, since the new year spankings are back with a vengeance to make up for it...I'm not complaining :)

  8. No I haven't, and yes, it's making me crazy! :p

  9. Blast it all, no spankings as of yet. ONE DAY!! *shakesfist* xD


  10. Yes, we definitely had fewer spankings... in fact none for about 2 months. And I was very very very stressed over it... only I didn't realize how badly I needed it until I got my first of the year a few nights back. I'm still bruised and feeling good... but I'm hoping for more tonight. :)


  11. FD, yes, fewer spanking during the holiday season.

    But as you know I got an OTK spanking at the stroke of midnight.

    Hope you have a good week FD.


  12. i got fewer spankings and missed them- mostly due to hectic schedules and family visitors.

    i have had a spanking in the New Year but we are still trying to get back to "schedule".


  13. Like most the answer to this is a very frustrating NO!!! And YES!!!
    However my morning email assures me this is ending tonight and possibly every night this week!!! Careful what you wish for!! LOL

  14. Sigh.. Thanks for the question and chance to vent~~
    no spankings this year. Actually none in over 3 months.
    Sunday I thought I'd crawl out of my skin.
    I've been promised a good one on Friday.. time will tell.

  15. No, unfortunately, with mom still living with me. Although, it is my birthday this weekend, and I'm hoping Mr Right & I get some much-deserved alone time. Hey! I just realized it's Wednesday night. Maybe, just maybe.... keep your fingers crossed for me!

  16. Jz: Hope you get one soon.

    Aurore: I can understand why you're climbing the walls.

    Mouse: Sounds like you got a good one.

    M:e I love your HWMBA (He who must be adored) name for him. And, yes, patience is a virtue but it still has to be frustrating for you.

    TrueBlue: Glad the drought is over.

    butterfly: I hope you get more too.

    Ally: Glad to see you're making up for it.

    Little Butterfly: I understand your frustration.

    Maggie: You're overdue.

    spirted one: Glad to hear the two month drought is over for you. That had to be difficult for you.

    Ronnie: I love the OTK at the stroke of midnight for the New Year. You'll have to make it a tradition.

    viemoira: Hope you get back on schedule soon.

    Janet: Your blog makes it sound as if all is well now.

    nancy: I hope you got that good one today. Three months is way too long.

    cutesypah: I hope Wednesday night was good for you.

  17. FD, Yes, I've been spanked but not nearly enough! Meow

  18. Meow: I hope Lash gets busy and solves that problem.


  19. I was fortunate enough (blessed actually) to not only get many spankings over the holiday season which also included my birthday just after Christmas (therefore additional spanking to commemorate that) but the New Year was ushered in with a seriously good and hard beating which I not only needed but wanted...sort of a tidewater mark to try and maintain throughout the year. Hope your holiday season was also filled with skin-to-skin contact and love.

  20. No spankings during holidays but I am getting a new year spanking today

  21. Yes first bare bottom spanking for new year today

  22. I got a bare bottom spanking today