Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have posted lately about getting spanking paddles for the man in your life in Father's Day. But now that the day is here, I want to get serious.

I want to wish everybody happy Father's Day. And add a short tribute to my father. He was a wonderful dad. He wasn't the type who said "I love you,'' but he showed his love. So much so that my younger sisters (I was the cherished only son) said I was spoiled and referred to me as "The Prince.'' Hey, it's not bad to be the prince.

But my dad had one shortcoming. Like some men, he didn't like to go to see the doctor and so when he got prostate cancer, it wasn't diagnosed in time and he died of an illness that can be survived if diagnosed early enough. He was 77 so he still lived a good life but we could have had more time together.

He died at home after being in a coma like state and when I got home from out of town, he wasn't able to acknowledge me, but he kind of stirred and died that afternoon. It was like he felt he could go now that I was there. Maybe it was just a coincidence. but it chokes me up just writing about it.
As a result, I go for annual checkups and even had a biopsy a couple of years ago (it actually felt good with all that lube, LOL) and it was negative.

So my message to all the men reading this is to get annual checkups. They can cure many things if they are discovered early enough. And eat more fish and less red meat and drink less. Remember two drinks a day should be the max.

And to the women reading this, if the man in your life doesn't go for annual physicals feel free to suggest to him (or even nag him) to read this post. He is risking spending time with you and the kids and grandkids if he doesn't see the doctor.

Well, enough of my lecturing. And, Dad, I still miss you even though you've been gone for over two decades.



  1. Great to read your recollections of your Dad. He sounds a great guy.

    Perhaps as women's partners age women could move from doing the testicular exams we are encouraged to do to prostate exams instead.

  2. He sounds like a wonderful dad. I bet he did feel you were there. Thanks for the reminder about checkups.

  3. Doll: Yes, he was a great guy. And very good idea on the prostate exams.

    K: Yes, I like to think he felt I was there. And I hope the reminder about checkups encourages men to have them.


  4. FD,
    It is always so lovely to hear people's memories of their Dad.Here is a link for another important check too.

  5. FD~Thank you for the reminder. Its super important and vital to get treatment early. Luckily my husband makes it a priority to get a physical annually, he is that dedicated to staying our leader for a long time to come!

    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Enjoyable to read about your Dad! My REAL Daddy passed away 2 years ago and I miss him, too.

    Daddy(my husband) has the whole prostate exam, etc. every year. Better safe than sorry;)!


  7. Happy Father's Day to you and yours, FD!

  8. Hidden: Thanks for the link to the video on the importance of exams for testicular cancer. Ditto for over 50 men (and women) getting a colonoscopy to test for colon cancer.

    Audra and Kitty: Glad to see your husbands put a priority on checkups.

    Sara: Thanks and same to you and your husband.


  9. very well said~
    hugs to you~