Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Mood?

Do you sometimes find yourself not in the mood for sex?

The website recently listed 12 problems:
Low self-esteem
Alcohol or drug use
Lack of sleep
Erectile Dysfunction, which used to be called impotence before the drug companies found out how much money could be made selling pills so they gave it a different name.
Hormone Imbalance
Health Conditions
Relationship Problems
Lack of Sleep

The one that caught my eye on the list is low self-esteem. The rest seemed logical. But the article says it is hard to feel sexy when your self-image is down or when you have an unhealthy body image.


Your thoughts?



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  2. I would have to seriously agree! If you see yourself as less than ideal, you also feel that others see you that way too. So you end up thinking, why would anyone want you? Low Self Esteem can also lead to the other things on that list such as depression, stress, alcohol and drug abuse.
    I used to have an eatting disorder when I was younger, anorexia. It stemmed from a very low self esteem issue. I always saw myself as fat. So I wore clothing too big for me and tried my best to not stick out because others would see me as fat too. And when you see yourself that way, there is definitely nothing sexy about yourself. Sadly, it's a warped sense of perception but it definitely kills any thoughts on sex.


  3. I have that issue. When I feel bad about my body, I don't feel sexy and I don't want to be touched. Many times I'm sure its more of a mental issue than a physical one and is all in having a sexy attitude, even if you no longer fit into your pants. But sometimes that is easier said than done.

  4. True, true! When I feel down on myself or I feel Nick doesn't care I certainly don't feel sexy. That's a very hard one to over come.

    And speaking of drugs, don't you wish Viagra had been developed by the UpJohn company? Just saying!


  5. Definitely, that's what dressing sexy is about. Plus, if I eat healthy and run that day, I am much more in the mood. I'm sure some of it is actually physical, but it's also just about feeling good about myself and my body.

  6. Banana Boat: Sorry to hear you had to deal with an eating disorder when you were younger.

    Bella: You are probably right it is a mental issue.

    PK: Good line on UpJohn.

    Amber: Good point that it is what dressing sexy is all about.


  7. Abso-friggin-lutely! I hated having sex or even self service while I was pregnant, feeling fat or looking rough. A friend suggested dressing up for the occasion (sexy outfits, hair, makeup) and it really helped.

  8. Yeah, I'd definitely agree that low self esteem would be a huge factor. I've had my own moments with that for sure. I actually thought it strange that you singled low self-esteem out from the others because to me it fit just as reasonably as all the rest, however, maybe for men it's different. Maybe men don't struggle with low self-esteem issues as much as women do?

  9. Marine's Wife: Good to hear that dressing up for the occasion made a lot of difference.

    Alice: You are probably on to something. I don't think men struggle with low self-esteem as much as women do, especially when it comes to sex. Sex can often be much more casual for men than it is for women. They can want sex even if they don't feel good about themselves.


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  11. FD,

    I think sex is part mind and part body. Sex is always good even when I've been a little overweight, but when I'm in good physical condition because of eating right and exercising then sex is out of this world fabulous.


  12. It is true, low self-esteem can stop me dead in my tracks when it comes to sex.
    Thankfully I've "allowed" myself to enjoy my body and sex a lot more than I ever did when I was younger.
    Age has some benefits!
    I agree also that some men don't seem to have the same self-esteem issues.. I wish they did sometimes~~

  13. Com: Do you have an English translation for your site.

    Kitty: Yes, I think sex is part mind and body.

    Nancy: Glad to hear you are allowing yourself to enjoy your body now more than you did when you were younger. Age does bring some wisdom. And yes, men don't seem to have the same self-esteem issues.


  14. It is said that the most potent sexual organ is the mind.... When my husband was suffering from dementia, unfortunately that impacted his sex drive to say the least

    Another thing that I have found is that celibacy is unfortunately [more maybe fortunately?] self-perpetuating as in "use it or lose it"!

  15. Beladona: I am sorry that your husband suffered from dementia. And I can imagine it impacted on his sex drive and probably on yours as well from your use it or lose it comment. I hope you get to use yours again in the near future. And want to wish you the best as you deal with the grieving process.