Friday, November 4, 2011

Women and Relationships

I found this article on MSN from a Cosmopolitan survey on women and relationships.

It had some interesting tidbits:

--38 per cent of women feel they should share the cost of dates. A total of 33 per cent want the guy to pay.

--73 per cent are comfortable with making more money than their guy and 12 per cent are in a relationship where the woman makes more.

--54 per cent of women have faked an orgasm and 35 per cent have lied about the number of sex partners they have had. And 85 per cent would be offended if a guy faked an orgasm with you. Do guys fake orgasms?

And now here's the tidbit I was most interested in. Thirty-five per cent say "being dominated'' is the sexual act they most often fantasize about.

Interesting. Maybe there are more submissives out there than we thought.

Anyway, here's the link:

Will be interested in hearing your thoughts.



  1. Huh...interesting indeed. How the heck does a man fake an orgasm??? I don't need to go into the obvious complications...right? Sara

  2. Sara: I had the same question. I don't know how men do that? Is there anyone out there who can give us some insight?


  3. I'm pretty old-fashioned I think. If I were still dating I'd want the guy to pay on every date, non-date outings I wouldn't mind chipping in but if it's a date I think the guy should pay. And in the future, any guy dating my daughter better be paying for the dates.

    I'm also not comfortable with the idea of making more money than Chess. Been there done that and it caused me to feel little respect for him, and definitely contributed to the near end of our marriage.

    I have faked an orgasm for sure, but I have not lied about how many sex partners I've had, and I would be sad (not really offended) if Chess felt he had to fake an orgasm which I'm not convinced it's even possible for guys to do that.

    Also... I would say alot of women fantasize about being dominated, but there is a big difference between fantasizing and experiencing it and I'll bet that many of those women would balk at it actually happening. Who knows, maybe there really are more woman who secretly wish for a dominant man in their life.

  4. 18 years ago, when I was dating Dragon, I wanted to see how he would react to me paying for a meal. It wasn’t a real date. Just a trip to Taco Bell. Cheap food. He let me pay but more than made up for the expense when I stopped by the grocery store for a few items.

  5. oh oh id like to know how a guy fakes an orgasm!!! i like to share the cost if i was out, i always offer.

  6. Daddy always paid for everything when we were dating...well, he still does, lol!

    One time I asked him if I could take him out. He graciously allowed it, but he could hardly stand for me to pay for him. I paid for the dinner to an expensive Italian restaurant, but he insisted on paying the tip and he's always been a generous tipper, but that evening he really gave a big tip. He tried to get me to change my mind and let him pay for the meal, also. I stood firm and wouldn't let him pay:)! He was so touched that here I was hardly making anything and he had much more money and yet I wanted to pay for our dinner.

    As far as women wanting to be dominated. I think so many men today are wimpy and women are really craving a real man and not one that allows himself to be controlled by a woman.


  7. I think society has been a huge influence on whether women will admit they want to be dominated. I for one was taught that being submissive to a man was a bad thing. It was very ingrained in me. I was very surprised when I ventured around looking for answers and realized that I am submissive. I'm getting over the shock, slowly

  8. It's the new age. The woman has let the men off the hook. Today they meet and split everything. This way it is not a real date according to the men, and he can still call himself a player. ( I have young nieces that I play dad for) .. I'm from the old school of things. You pay, you open the door, etc... as far as the fake orgasm, guilty. But it was respectfully. I was dating a lady I grew up with. One day she finally got be to take her out not as a friend. That night as we undress, she told me she was not as tight as most woman. I was young and dumb and gave it no thoughts. She was a incredible lover, very aggressive, so the first round I never notice. When I penetrated her the second time around, I felt almost no resistance. After almost an hour, and trying many positions, I knew it wasn't going to happen, so I became the aggressor and when she came, I squeezed my prostate very hard and fast, ( a technique used for having longer erections and stronger ejaculations, it feels like palpitations when you are inside a woman womb) and thrust in her as hard and deep as I could. She always had loud and quaking orgasms, so she thought I came with her. When she wanted round three, I spun her into a 69 and bust so hard I thought I had died. I fake a few more with her, but after I learned what worked for me to have an orgasm with her all night, she took me to sex education 101 school. She made up for her lack of tightness with her love making skills. Years after we parted, I ran into her at a night club. She whispered into my hear that she had surgery to correct her problem, and how would I like to try the new tight version. I can only image how outstanding it would have been, because I was happily married and had to pass... (groan... lol)

  9. Society has us all hard-wired that the male is to ALWAYS pay for a meal, make more than the woman and be in charge of every aspect of life. Well, snap out of it folks!

    There are many women in my department that make more than me and that's fine. Some guys feel threatened by that. WUSSES!

    As for paying for meals, the women I go out with will switch up. They pay for the meal and I leave a tip and then the next meal we switch. No problem there.

    As for being dominated, if that's what one-third of women want, fine. That means the other two-thirds are indifferent or wouldn't mind taking the lead. I am as submissive as it gets and have no problems with that.

  10. Alice: Hard to know how many women secretly wish for a dominant man in their lives.

    Dragon's Rose: Making that gesture was a good idea.

    Blossom: Nice that you always offer.

    Kitty: Not surprising he was touched by your gesture.

    Faerie: It was nice that you discovered your true self as a submissive.

    IManview: Thanks for the explanation. The great thinga bout blogging is that we get many questions answered.

    Dave: No reason for you to have any problems as a submissive.