Sunday, December 18, 2011


In my last post, I talked about the taste of lobster. Now a a discussion of a different taste. About a month ago on Michael and Grace's blog, she described a scene and said, "He wanted me to suck him again...after he'd been in me. Oh, how I hate that...I don't like the taste and just the idea of it makes me cringe. But he made his wishes clear and I want to please him...thankfully, he didn't make me linger there too long and he let me know he knew it wasn't something I enjoyed and he appreciated me doing it for him.''

Then in one of the comments, t1klish, who is often kind enough to comment here, said she doesn't like tasting herself. And she said she doesn't think women like tasting their bodily fluids.

Here's the link if you want to read it all:

I think that some women disagree with Grace and t1klish and like the taste. I googled it and the proper term seems to be vaginal lubrication although pussy juice is often used.

So I thought I'd ask. Do you like to taste yourself or not?

I hope you will share your thoughts.



  1. I neither love nor hate the taste of myself.

    it's fine -- if he wants me to taste it -- I do -- with no reservation

    but just like as the taste of sperm can change with what he eats --whether or not he's taking medicine or drinks enough water

    the same goes for us

    Mr C wouldn't allow me to eat curry if we were going to be together because it ruined my taste in his opinion

    M tasted bitter this weekend -- weird - I didn't mention it to him (men can be sensitive about these things) but I imagine it's because he's living off fast food lately.

    whoops-- ended up being a blog post

    sorry FD

    it was a yes or no question


  2. stp: Your post wasn't too long. It was perfect. I am not asking simply for a yes or no answer. I do like it if the bloggers want to share their explanations the way you did.


  3. FD - ill write a post today about my first time with my DM yesterday. He had me suck his fingers after they had been inside me and also suck his cock after he had taken me.

    I don't mind the taste of my juices. I eat mainly fresh fruit and raw food. Like SFP said, what we eat effects how we (and men) taste.

    Great question!

    Take care. Sky

  4. I used to find tasting myself to be a big turn off. But that was before I realized how great sex could be. With my current lover I have found every aspect of sex to be pleasurable--including cleaning off his cock after he has been inside me and kissing him after he has gone down on me. I suppose another factor is that this relationship has helped me feel very sexy and to become completely comfortable with my body--including how I taste.

  5. I guess I should clarify, it's not that I taste bad, I just don't want to lick or taste my own bodily fluids. I am repelled by that. I also find it interesting that my man will have me suck him after he's been inside me and mention me tasting myself on him, as if he thinks I would like it, but yet, he never kisses me after he comes in my mouth. We are alike. Neither one of us want to taste our own bodily fluids, and he would likely instinctively be logical and know that if he didn't watch so much porn where women are gobbling up their own and other women's fluids all the time.

  6. Yes, I taste myself now and then and like the way I taste.

    I suppose first it was from tasting myself on a man.. I don't really remember. It may have been just natural curiosity when I was touching myself.

    Of course, the taste changes due to food I've eaten or how healthy I am that day.

    Most men I've known like to see me do it.. however it happens.
    I'm not sure why but I like to please.. so I am glad to oblige.

    I'm curious to see what other women and/or men have to say~

  7. i didn't like the idea of it initially, but i figured if He doesn't mind tasting me, how am i gonna complain about it? So i've gotten used to the idea, and to the taste, so i'm ok with it if He wants me to...


  8. Florida Dom,

    I am one of the women that LOVES, absolutely adores the taste of my pussy juice. I will rub it on my fingers and hold my fingers up to Daddy's mouth so he can suck my fingers off. He loves it when I do that. And, of course, he loves to bury his face in my crotch and get my juices all over his face When Daddy and I were first married I thought he'd like to have sex better if I was clean, as in showering right before, but he told me NO.

    In fact, sometimes he'll tell me specifically that he doesn't want me to have a bath or shower for a couple of days just so I'll have a stronger flavor. He has always loved eating out my pussy and he gets hard while he's doing it so who am I to complain?! He has always told me that I have the best tasting pussy he's ever had. He'd been with many other women before me and said some women taste horrible and smell bad, too.
    Of course, it's only anecdotal evidence, but I've always been a vegetarian...maybe that's why I taste so divine. The really funny thing is Daddy hates broccoli and I love broccoli and eat it almost every day. I always tell him my pussy tastes so good because of the broccoli I eat, lol! Although, I have to admit, it tastes nothing like broccoli.

    As for sucking my juices off of his cock that is wonderful...better than a popsicle.

    I think Daddy loves it even more than me, though, and that's saying something;)!


  9. i love tasting myself on Master as i clean off His cock or fingers after He has taken me....i lick my own fingers and toys after i play with myself too... its a big turn on for Master and me as well..if i could lick my own pussy, i would do that gladly

  10. I am in the Love It camp as well. I think part of it is that I associated great sex with lots of bodily fluids. But I will do it sometimes when I am engaging in a little "self - serve" also.

    I enjoy the taste, the texture, and the fragrance of it. I think as a culture we are taught that all body odors are unpleasant (which is untrue, imo). That we are not animals and should not rely on animal senses, when in truth we are animals. Some women find it very difficult to get past that conditioning.

  11. I love to taste myself as well, yes. I absolutely LOVE being deeply kissed after hubby has given me oral sex! YUM! :)


  12. Just wanted to say that I'm not conditioned to not want to lick myself. I just don't want to lick myself. I was born not wanting to lick myself. But I WAS born with the urge to lick Play Doh. My animal senses definitely inspire me to enjoy the scent and taste of my man though.

  13. For me it varies. If I have eaten something different or am dehydrated it changes the taste but I think the the largest factor is quantity. While I love the taste of my slave goo on his fingers or mine, the massive amount coating his cock if I am really lubricated can be overwhelming. That old saying "a little goes a long way" seems to work for me. :)

  14. I am in the "love it for him" camp. I neither like it or dislike it, I do it for him. Because he wants it.

  15. My beloved slave/wife Serafina is among those ladies who do not especially appreciate their own taste upon my cock or fingers.

    Experience with other submissives leads me to believe this is usually less of an issue over time, with practice. Some things in life are acquired tastes.

    My ex-wife/sub was bi, and her preference wasn't for her own taste, but it wasn't something that particularly offensive either.

    I had a previous sub who was ravenous for her own taste. She loved licking her own fingers clean during phone sex, asking permission over and over to do it again and again. She made it clear in person she savored cocks with her own special "flavoring".

    With all of that in mind, I say - Vive la difference - variety is the spice of life, even in a lady's preference.

  16. I suspect women have the same need to eat correctly as men do to make it taste good. I was very surprised the last time I had to clean his cock after fucking and the taste was simply divine, not at all meaty but quite light and sweet. It did make me wonder what I had been dining on in the previous few days.

  17. Just wanted to say this was a great survey. Enjoyed the different views..

  18. Sky: I am glad you liked the question and shared your thoughts.

    Holly: It's great that you feel completely comfortable with your body including how you taste.

    t1klish: I understand you don't taste bad but don't want to taste yourself. To each his own.

    nancy: Nice that you like the way you taste.

    being gaisha: Good that you are OK with it if He wants you to.

    Kitty: Good to hear you love it and that he sometimes doesn't want you to shower for a couple of days to get a stronger flavor. I liked the line that is is better than a popsicle. Absolutely.

    Hisflower: Great that you love it. I wonder if those gymnasts can lick themselves.

    littlemonkey: Yes, a shame some women find it difficult to get over that conditioning.

    sarahthorne: Yes, I am sure being deeply kissed after oral sex is yummy.

    t1klish: Nice that you enjoy the taste and scent of your man.

    renee: Interesting that a little goes a long way for you.

    sbf: Nice that you do it for him because he wants it. He must be pleased that you do.

    Michael: yes, variety is the spice of life.

    doll: Nice that it was simply divine the last time you did it.

    1manview: Yes, I enjoyed the different views and I want to thank all the women who commented. The great thing about blogging is that you can be very candid about your likes and dislikes.

    And if more women come by, feel free to add your comments.


  19. I personally like the taste of myself on fingers (including my own)and cock and enjoy licking it up.

  20. i quite enjoy tasting and cleaning my fingers after they have been inside of me and well its even much nicer when cleaning a cock.

  21. dancing and blossom: Nice that you both enjoy the taste on both fingers and cock.


  22. I enjoy the taste of mysel on him. My point is if you don't like how you tast to yoursel how could you ask him to eat you out then? Now getting use to his taste is a bit different simply because his is thicker, and what not but I still enjoy giving him head.

  23. Tiffany: Good point about how can you ask him to eat you out if you don't like your own taste. I assume he loves eating you and and that you love it too. And I am sure he loves you giving him head.


  24. I think I taste yummy. ^.^ All my boyfriends have agreed.

  25. Mockingbird: How nice that you think your taste yummy and that all your boyfriends agree. Must make for some great times for you.


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  27. A bit late to the party, just found this blog.

    I actually love the taste of us together, or just me or him. To me it is the wine of our lovemaking and I truly enjoy cleaning him with my mouth after we enjoy our time together.

    We frequently share a long, deep, loving kiss afterwards. He enjoys the taste of us on my lips too.

  28. Florida Dom,
    I do not dislike my own flavour nor do I like it. It is what it is. I have no qualms about cleaning Master after he has fucked me nor do I have any concerns when he puts his wet fingers into my mouth as wipe them clean with my tongue and lips. For me I am not arouse by the act therefore I do not ask for it. Then again I am not that interested in tasting other women on Masters fingers or cock either. Bodily fluids in general are just not my thing but I do not run from it either.

  29. What an interesting question? I never even considered that some women would not like their own taste.

    I love how I taste. I too do not see how I can expect someone to go down on me I cannot stand the taste myself. I feel the same way the other way around though (not into this no kissing after a blowjob).

    I also think it is naughty and a bit of the bad girl to taste yourself off a cock. That turns me on.

    Great question!!