Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unbelieveable Part II

Here's another story on how women are treated in other countries. A foloup on the story about the woman who has to marry her rapist to get out of jail.

Anyway, here's a story on how advisors in Saudi Arabia are saying that if you let women drive, it will lead to them having sex.

Here is the link:

And we keep poring money into these repressive places because they have oil. Crazy.



  1. FD,

    Your "wake up calls" here and there on your blog are refreshing. We've looked the other way for too long because of oil, especially with the Saudis, one of the most repressive regimes and violators of human rights in the world.


  2. I would hate to live in Saudi Arabia. Some women don't like to drive, but at least here we have the choice. Personally, I like to drive my own car places. It would be such a pain to have to wait for Daddy to take me every place I needed to go.

    And I agree with you that we should stop poring money into these places for oil.


  3. As horrific as that is, I can just imagine a Pakistani person horrified that her country has partnered with America, where nonmedical-required abortions are legal, just because we have the money to buy their oil. And I'm pro-choice, so that's not to say I agree with her, but just that when it comes to politics, morals don't play a big role. Just food for thought, is all.

  4. My opinion has always been that some men want to always control women because obviously they have no self control. Therefore, they can blame the women for their lack of self-control. Unfortunately it is not always third world countries either.

  5. I am so torn on this. On one hand, my heart goes out to these women. On the other hand, it seems very pompous of us to judge their culture or attitudes by our standards--as if we Americans have it right and everyone else is uncivilized.

    Is anyone old enough to remember the (very pronounced) American opinion about "women drivers"? We evolved, so there is hope for the Saudis.

    I do hope women in those countries stand up for their rights but just like American women had to, it's something they have to do for themselves.


  6. It does make one wonder why the USA sends money to such repressive countries.
    We may not have it "right" but I'm glad I live here... USA